Fireworks @ 1Borneo

Hey guys! Finally I'm uploading a new post! It's been a wonderful weekend for me, the weather is so good. Always rain before the events started or during the journey, it was unpredictable and rather tough but thank the almighty God that He miraculously stops the rain just as I want it to be. As the fireworks in 1Borneo last Friday were still burning hot. So here now I present to you....... the MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA FIREWORKS SHOW!

The night scene of 1Borneo before the explosion begins.....

And after waited for half hour from the actual explosion time, it finally exploded....LoL (Always remember the Malaysian culture, better late than never)

Alam Mesra - The spot where we took the fireworks shots, we realized that it was not a good spot after all. The electrical power supply cable was hanging right on top of us, distracted a few of our shots.

I guessed it's just too 'Alam Mesra' and convenient for some of us. -Environment too friendly :p

Big Boys Toys @ 1Borneo is Next! Watch out!



  1. The fireworks emanated from the buildings? Wow!

    Is the Musical Fireworks Show a yearly event?

  2. eunice: yeah that is the scariest thing that you will see, imagine if you are staying in one the hotel room. It's not yearly, just a special event :)


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