Prince Philip Park

A few weeks back during Hari Raya, my friend Elf, Leroy and I went over to the Prince Philip Park for some floral and landscape shots right after my exciting Pulau Sapi trip with a few bloggers and friends.

Prince Philip Park is situated at Tanjung Aru Beach and just next to the left hand side of 1st beach. It's a park that is full of the beauty of flora and fauna perfect for obsessed photographer like me. The weather was absolutely fine that day and we were ready with our snipping equipments but sadly, I don't even have a snipping lens that day :(

One thing I really admirer about this park is, there are many parrots that flying freely around the park! So cool! :) I want my zoom lens, puhhhlizzzzz~~~!!

Took these floral shots using max aperture and shutter speed at 1/200 and I managed to get a dark background so that these florals will look more outstanding.

This leaves I took with lower shutter speed and was facing towards the sky and it seems like as if I was taking this picture inside a light box :)

Some snap shots of the surrounding....

We were too late to snap the sunset but somehow we managed to snap the scary cloudy sky before the sun set completely. Can you spot something in these two pictures? Let's test your eye power! Search for it!

And for the last beat, I found this friendly crab who stayed still for a couple of minutes for some close up shots before I scare it away back to its hole :p


After the park, I drove all the way to Borneo Paradise for my church young adult camp and I can only have three words to say; TIRED, TIRED & TIRED!

see ya guyz



  1. Wonder where the park got the name. Sound likes the prince of Monaco.

  2. nice photolog....u re tempting me to get a dslr camera...:)

  3. hello..thanks for dropping by.. i been busy this week..didnt get any time to blog LOL..

    mommy thing is always busy..drop by sometimes..god bless.

  4. the shots are amazingly beautiful!

  5. @b-falcon: I have no idea oso...maybelah :)

    @bobby: It's very cheap now! go get a nikon :p

    @cel25's: Hei, even in ur busiest time do take a rest and spend time with ur love one more and especially with God ok? take care!

    @maslight: Thank u 4 ur compliment! it's all becuz of Nikon! muahahaha! jk jk~ :p


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