Pulau Sapi Trip! (Part 3 - FINAL!)

Hahahaa..... I have nothing to post. So this gonna be the last one :) So sorry for making you guys feel bored after reading this post ~

our bikini model forgot to put on his bikini outfit~ XD rofl

At point B ~ you still can turn back or you will regret later !!

After about half hour jungle trekking, finally we reached the top, this is the landmark!

Always use SHELL V-POWER but..... how come you so slow de? :p

Only managed to get this shot, after wasted almost an hour looking for this lizard....you &%@#$#^%!

Straight to the sea after a tiring trek~ does he looks shock because of the seaweed or because I brought my DSLR into the sea water? I should be right? :S

After some snorkeling, we tried riding the banana boat and it was......

can you see the expression on my face? I was freaking shock & excited at that moment!!!! XD

Nath accidentally, unpurposely kicked me on my stomach when we capsized from the banana boat but that thumbs up means I'm still breathing and alive! Fuuhhhh! Thank God!

After the ride, we head for lunch: Fried Rice with Beef - RM6

The bottom part of the jetty.....

Gonna miss this place a lot.....

Waccchhhaaaaa..... I'm Lee Siaw Long a.k.a BRUCE LEE!

Finally, the end of our trip..... hope to visit another island again next time!



  1. The water is soooo clear! Long time never been to the beach for water activities.. U just came back right? Is it safe during this period? I thought monsoon season has arrived.

    Nice kick!

  2. Someone should rectify those spelling at the signboard. What a shame if visitors from foreign countries saw it

  3. WHOA!!! so fun arr!!
    Didn't know it was hard for u tu look for a lizard..lol
    Its quite big by the way!
    and that snail!
    I've never seen blue shell..
    so pretty! *sakai* lolxx
    oh and that signboard made me laugh
    such wrong spelling...challengas XD

  4. I really like your fren holding the seaweed pic... He can really act man... cool

  5. @eunice: i guessed it shud be safe, but lately always raining buy no fear cuz we have prayed for a good wheather that day! yeah! :)

    @borneo falcon: forgive them as they are not so educated and it was so long ago, maybe stone was made by someone who are not so educated :)

    @joy: haha! lizard for u~ it's really big in real life u know, kinda scary to go close to :S

    @evelyn: hehe...so sorry, he's just 20years old but he's available...too young leh~ :p

  6. Hi there, nice write on Pulau Sapi. A lovely place if you ask me as I have been there about 6 times in the last 4 years. I always find the TAR islands interesting.

    Malaysia Asia


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