Ivy's Birthday at NUS

Last night I was invited to celebrate a friend's surprise birthday celebration in National University of Singapore. I was very excited to when I heard about it so without second thought I agreed and we went to Clementi to get some supper and a cake for her. Yeah as you can see below is her cute face Ivy and her funny boyfriend.... yehhaaaa~~~

We gave her a surprise celebration at the balcony on the highest floor of her hostel.

Before everyone of us get back to our own crib, we figured out that it will be cool if we light up the sparkler and make some words out of it.... SO LET THE FUN BEGINS! XD

After a few atempt finally we managed to capture the most perfect sparkler-made-word! Yeah! Somehow I just wanted to let all of you guys know that JESUS LOVES........ YOU!

For those who are having a holiday break, happy holiday! God bless~



  1. U went to my 'Jalan' to have supper? haha... Clementi... My uncle live there too... Good luck in S'pore... maybe will meet you at NUS... haha...

  2. @clement: ok bah if u.... study in NUS? i'll wait for it! :)

    @xiaobi: thanks gurl :)


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