So-Called-Civilized Advertisement

This morning I woke up quite early and a little bit odd from some other days where I only wake up when I reach my sleeping period that is 8 to 9 hours but today I was being very well disciplined and I already off bed before 8am. So I took a bus to Bukit Batok where Cynthia's crib is at and had my breakfast there. We were planning to buy something in Far East near Orchard Road and lunch there at the same time. We had our quite filling but pricy for a Malaysian like me in Subway. I was very full when I had my 6inch bread with turkey ham and vege and I really can't imagine an average sized Asian guy like me to finish a footlong of the bread. That's too much for me I think but some might consider getting it to share with another person.

Nyum.... nyum..... :)

After we had finish our lunch so we planned to take a MRT to Bugis where Cynthia's school La Salle School of Art is. When we came out from Subway, we saw this......

Fascinating? Shock? Funny? Hillarous? Lame? I just don't know what is the word to use to describe this uncivilized advertisement. Can you even imagine relating food with something that you will do to your partner and maybe doing it at the same time? Can't they just picture someone enjoying the burger quietly and sitting on a bench? It seems like somehow when we are eating the burger we will imagine ourselves doing something like..... ermmm.... oh's good... I like it that way... yes... yes.... more!!! (*sorry for those who are reading this and are under eighteen, I have no intention to educate you guys in this inappropriate way XD) Anyway, after that 'beautiful sight' we just went off to Bugis and I spent most of my time in the library onlining and window shopping at Sim Lim Square.

Found a very cheap camera backpack in Orient Photo. It's called 'Bagman' in Malaysia and cost around $85 or about RM200. So what do you guys think? Hehehe....



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