Bridal Fair - The Making

Here's another pending post that I have been delaying it for a month or two. It was an event held in 1Borneo, the largest lifestyle hypermall in Borneo that consisting of Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan the only part that belongs to the country of Indonesia. Anyway, the event was a success where by MSJ Photography and the rest of the booth are quite successful and I hope it will be a yearly event to help those who are planning or getting marry to be able to check out the market prices and for some consultation advices from the pro and experienced person. I had been asked by Gerry who are in charge of the MSJ booth and also as the chairman to take photographs of the booths that are running in 1Borneo for that specific event. So here are some snapshots of the making of this event. To view the cat walk pictures of the event by the local models please click here.

1Borneo Bridal Fair Banner

Khor Harn Sheng - The liangzai model for my D60 test shot.... haha!


Initially this scary mickey got kicked out from the scene by the event manager :D LoL~

They really kick as with their solos.... :)

Couldn't get a better bokeh than f/2.8 or f/1.8 but my Nikkor 18-55mm VR not bad leh....

The war has begun, photographers its time for some real shooting! :)

Nokia E-71 and iPhone 2G promotion by Raymond.

"Waliao... how come my I become black and white in the photo one!?"

Great efforts and hard work shown from all the MSJ Photography members.



  1. wah u so on, going around for photography events! Some nice pics here, er.. that Mickey Mouse is the ugliest that I have ever seen. Lucikly I didn't see that kind of Mickey Mouse when I was a kid, if not might cry hehehe

  2. Eunice: yeah that is why that mickey was kicked out by the event manager for its inappropriateness and it's lousy costume. Now you know the standard of the costumed animals here. Not as good as in Singapore though, saw some cute ones in Shaw House the other day :)

  3. I like most the pics here... is like they are telling some stories by themselves.

  4. Evelyn: The scary mickey suits u alot :) hohoho


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