Can Photographers Pose Better Than a Model?

Thanks to Hui Nee for the email.....

Raymond, the youngest 16th years old MSJ Studio member. Know him since September but is my best photography buddy of all time! :) Photo taken during BMW club photography sessions in Sutera Harbour Resort.

This seems familiar.... hmmm..... Gerry MSJ

Tihehehe..... photographers are part time 'munkeys too! XD

Like this guy's pose a lot. Picture was taken during Dog Show event at KDCA in October :)



  1. Yaaa. The photographers can pose better than a model... but the results : Funny Picture

    Good Post My friend, Henry.

  2. I couldn't agree more. The footages spoke for themselves. These photographers are funny!

  3. Hi henry.....1st time here. got it from your post in ieatmushroom. i didnt think of photographers pose before reading your blog....hahaha damn funny. im a photographer amateur though. wouldnt want you sneaking behind my back to take on my pose...hahaha. cheers and god bless....

  4. hahaha....very hilarious pictures....good job for the compilation...

  5. I was like *JAWS DROP* . I love the chubby guy's stomach picture. They posed like super models, less hotter and sexier that is.

    Seng Hoo ;)

  6. Gerry on the tree is so real... he looks so natural... like his frens on the tree..

    Hey.. I tot you have some of these pic... how come dun upload? lol

  7. @borneo: glad u like it

    @artofreed: yeah i agree, funny pictures-more enjoyable than model posing on the walkway

    @bridge: yupz, pictures speak louder than words

    @calvin: hi calvin! thanks for dropping by :) i guessed no photographer will like their pictures to be taken on candid especially during their highest level of photography pose! hehe :D

    @amiable amy: thanks!

    @seng hoo: so are you interested in any of them? i have their numbers :p

    @eve: which pictures do u meant? I have lots of pending post to upload...but its gonna take some time...

    -thanks for all ya comment!-


  8. haha they surely become very tired after the whole shooting cos at the same time, they perform a lot of stunts!

  9. Very funny pictures.Poor guys,they are so concentrated taking pictures that they totally forgot about their position :)

  10. @Eunice: yeah somehow after a big event, what u need is head back home to sleep or go for a beer at happy hour :)

    @topphotomodel: yes indeed but they do really know how to make funny pose rite?

    @evelyn: haha! yeah! this is still the most popular post! thanks!


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