Christmas Flea Market:

This is a flea market I went to last Saturday before going for the vPOST Nuffnang Singapore Christmas Party in DXO. They did this flea market last month as well but I was unable to attend during that time. Here are some details of the event.

Date: 20th December 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue: 8Q SAM (The New Wing of Singapore Arts Museum)
No 8 Queen Street. It's behind the Singapore Art Museum and next to Allson Hotel.
It's also near to City Hall MRT & Dhoby Ghaut MRT.

Here's the map. SAM is a big place and you won't miss it. Or else kindly ask any of the passer-by will know the place :)

At first when I found the market, I have no idea whether this is the correct place or not. when I look up high, I saw these banners which have confirmed the destination for me.

Mostly girls who went to the flea market and they really sell a lot a lot of cheap girl's stuff such as accessories, clothing, handbags and anything you need from head to toe!

Some of the stalls displaying their collectible items which can't be use and for decoration in our display cabinet or you can just put it on your study table as a paper weight.

Some of the things are kinda new and some of the things are pretty old. Somehow I don't really dare to buy 2nd hand clothes especially pants. Imagine what have they can wearing those. Hmmm......

This is an old school Rollei A110 model camera with Tessar lens and it's only for S$80. It uses the old 110mm film but the condition is not working so you may just collect it for fun.

This one even cooler, doesn't look like a camera at all. This S$100 German made Minox is more than 100 years old (since early 19th century) and you need to pull it from the center to both left to right to enable you the release the hiding viewfinder, and what's a viewfinder for? Google it out!

I went to almost the end of the flea market and I found these cute and colourful cameras. The colours are really attracts me as my first thought of these film cameras were toys, but they are actually not and you can take pictures if you have loaded films into the film compartment...duh.....! You can chose from all kinds of different Holga 120 range and 135 range as well. Holga 120 is compatible with 120mm films while the Holga 135 is compatible with 35mm films which are more common in any camera shops. Prices are between $60-90. Mari-mari murah murah!! XD

Thinking of getting one in the future. Just as an collectible item.
This flea market is GOOD!



  1. waahh..... hey.. i really love the cameras....... really nice...... haha..........


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