Dog Show @ KDCA

(means 'HELLO' in dog language XD)

To all ya dog lovers! This is a yearly event that you
MUST NOT miss out!

Enjoy the pictures.....

This event was held on the 19th of October 2008. I rushed to KDCA after fetching Hoon Leng from town. So I did not manage to snap some of the footage for the first few rounds of the competition.

When we reached KDCA, it was a hard time to look for a parking lot for my sister's SLK. So I was forced to make an illegal parking so that I won't miss the show. When I go out from the car I can see a lot of cars were parked illegaly as well or they normally phrased it as double parking. Didn't bother so much and quickly rush into the hall and it was really crowded and packed with human and dogs. Hehe.....

Harn Sheng was there very early and I went to his location to take this shot. Even though we were not the official photographers but we have the right to get so close to the arena and even they allowed a few of us to go inside the arena to get a good shot especially during the prize giving. Basically the lighting in the arena was not bright enough and I had to slower down the shutter speed and try not to pump up the ISO so that I can do some cropping jobs later on without any obvious noises but I think that was a mistake. Somehow I had difficulty on adjusting the correct white balance but this happens to Harn Sheng's D200 as well. Hoon Leng said that his Canon 350D has the best WB control for this lighting enviroment. Somehow everything we took turn yellowish or greenish.

I was amazed by a small girl who brought her Chihuahua for this competition. She was really brave but accompanied by his dad of course. So she did what she supposed to do and got a few medals for her Chihuahua. There was a time where I was trying to figure out why is the Chihuahua is so afraid and shaking during the walk with another two dogs on the second round. Perhaps it was really scared with the dogs. Well, size does matter for someone even for these cute little animals.

Girl and Chihuahua. Both so cute! Wana pinch-pinch! :)

Is this a lion or a dog? I call this 'Liog', or 'Don'. Impressive.

Uufff uuff ~ "Can I have some ice now? It's freaking hot in herre!!"

Everyone got this free sample home. They said it is very expensive. More expensive than human food?? LoL

Wow! The dogs sure gonna be happy to look at all this prizes? Nahhh...I think they will prefer Eukanuba more. :)

Tired? Exhausted? Dehydrated? Get a 100Plus to refresh yourself!


And the winner is.... walao eh... these two dogs so shy infront of the camera leh...!! XD

Some TQ gift for the judges :)

"Hmmm..... Whose good work is this? You better tell me the truth..."-"wooff~"

Looks like the dogs left some souveniers for everyone to enjoy!

I would like to end this post by saying,"Save the dogs and kill the cats...." Haha.....Just kidding!



  1. you have a paragraph filled with camera-language that I didn't even know what you were talking about ;p

    & I like the 'lion king'. haha.

  2. wooow! havent seen a dog show ever! lucky you! haha..i lol-ed at the dog poop. pfft. haha..
    anyway, i have a new post. sorry if i mentioned you in the end. and it was all about our plurks.


  3. @SengHoo: yeah its a bit chimp for u there. anyway i like the lion king too but scary ler...

    @chiui: haha.... yeah nice event... checked ur new post odi :)

  4. aww cute! out of this world kinda cute! lolz

    i loveee dogsss


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