Merry Christmas D'Gap

It was two years ago back in October 2006, there was a time where nothing seems to matter and yet no accident that can happen when I first attend D'Gap Baptist Church. I was suffering from a relationship brokerage not long ago during that time and was looking for a way to heal my heart that has broken apart until when I join D'Gap and all of the sudden, things began to change. Changes that had influenced me to acknowledge who is He to me and as His believer, I began to put my faith to Him again as I have been running away from him in my past relationship. All that has happened had become a history in my life. All the darkness that I've been through have been lighten by He who has the authority in my life. He had guided me to learn to rely on Him wether there is a need or not for me to do that. I felt warm again whenever I step into His church and the people who He has sent who has blessed me in every single thing. I don't know how to repay the goodness of these people and blessed be the Lord that one day I will pay back His grace and kindness that he's doing in my life.

God truly has answered my prayer and even now, I realized how much challenges that I needed to go through at this time of world recession and retrenchment. Some said it is not wise to resign from your current work and it's pretty hard to get another job with a better prospect as many companies had began to be very careful on who they are hiring and the best for them is not to hire but to fire those who are not capable and did not perform well for their company. As for me, I know that many of my family members, friends and church members had been praying hard for me and I can't be think of anyway to show my gratefulness to them but to trust in the Lord that all their prayers will come through including my own. That really happen but God is an awesome God, He can do whatever He wants and don't simply ask because whatever you ask for will not be given unless you have been through struggles and trials where He will test your patient. That is the hardest part of all. Thinking back to the time when the works and achievements that He has done in my life, I felt the joy and greatness in Him for the path that He has prepared for me as mentioned in His word "You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." Psalm 16:11

Here I wanted to say, in this Christmas season, we must always give thanks for who you are, no matter bad or good, we must continue praising Him. No man can overcome any difficulty on his own but with His strength, man can learn how to be righteous and to serve those who are in need. This is a season of giving, we had took a lot of things from Him and now He wants us to do a little favor by giving others with open heart. Learn to be appreciative and grateful to your family members, relatives, friends, schoolmates, colleagues and even to your pets. As we begin to learn how to give and hear from Him, greater rewards will shower us for generations and generations to come.

Thanks to all the family members of D'Gap Baptist Church. I have been very blessed for the past two years. May God bless all of you and have a wonderful Christmas!

*Thanks to CK for the pictures.


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  1. Wow, henry. :) its nice to know youre a believer as well. i am, too. :D this post is very uplifting. Glory to God! :)

  2. Some1 grew up already... yo uncle... like the way you write... write more!

  3. @chiui: yes i am a believer! Glory to God in the highest!

    @clementi: if im back i wont be blogging....haha

    @evelyn: that means i've been a kiddo for u all along lar? lol

  4. hey!
    with Cynthia back, we miss you all the more.. hehe.. she's been telling us about how you're doin and stuff:)
    glad to know that D'gap really impacted your life, cos you have really impacted mine deeply...hope all goes well with you, miss you heaps, God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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