Raymond's Singapore Trip!

Last week on Saturday, a member of MSJ Photography a.k.a. my brother Raymond came to Singapore with his family for a short holiday trip. We were busy whole day from daytime till nightime shopping for camera stuff and finally we did get something out of our tight wallet... lol~ poor guy he had to convert every price into Malaysia ringgit but anyway he made a conclusion that things in Singapore is actually not cheap anymore. Guessed recession is the biggest impact here and I added maybe because the both of us did not have 'fat' wallet that time to shop too... muahaha! XD So here are some of the photos we took in Singapore during his short trip... Enjoy bro! :)

Sim Lim Square - Our first destination, this place is filled with many shops and authorised outlets that sell all kinds of electronic gadgets, from handphone to PDA, laptop to desktop and from compact cam to DSLR.... all sort of cheap stuff you can get here if you know how to bargain and don't get cheated by them especially when they know that you are a tourist :)

The 1st floor of Sim Lim Square. Raymond was kinda amazed with the lenses offered by the shops in Sim Lim where you must wait for a week or two to get it in Malaysia but here you can directly get it from them at the same day if you have the $$$ to buy it!

I always like the way this young man's pose of snapping pictures. He said it is very artistic to him and can't be found in Sabah. La Salle school of art is an international college where the building has won the Best Architecture Building Award in the year 2007. It's a good place to study as well as to hang out and online as the free wireless connection can be found anywhere in this building :)

Christmas is just around the corner.... at Bugis Junction.

Young and old like to splash themselve with this fountain... very creative but wasn't it kinda unclean for those who play with it.... who cares! :p

Brought Raymond to a lot of camera shops and we stop by John 3:16 at Funan Digital Mall.... nice name right? Just for your info, they don't open at Sunday morning because they are attending Sunday Service at City Harvest Expo Hall that time :)

We went to many places to take pictures. Seems like the heat of Christmas celebration can be found everywhere! Location: Near Dhoby Gaut MRT station

Coca Cola pyramid.... Very impressed with the idea. Thought of kicking it and see wether the bottles will drop of not but Raymond said every single bottle has been sealed or nailed.

Took this pictures a lot of time but still look very nice no matter from which angle it is... It's proven by the reporters in the Strait Times who have publish this tree in their article :)

The three best friend. Location: Orchard Road, Paragon shopping mall.

Well bro, I just wanted to say thanks to you and MSJ Photography. You guys have made me realised that friendship is one of the most important value that we can get in our life time so I must appriciate it as much as I can! All the best bro! Good luck in your SPM exam next year and I will be waiting for you to come here for your further education! God bless you :)



  1. wua, got another Sabah come here??? Chee Yap is coming after Christmas. We hang out with him when he come?

  2. Really like the Cola picture taken from side. Singapore is so Christmas'z.... Really pretty place.

  3. @blue: came here for holiday only :) maybe for study someday.... who is chee yap???

    @eve: yeah i really enjoy the buildings and deco in sg here. I was just arrived in sg when i first saw the cola under construction and walla.... it was really creative and sgporeans really willing to spend money on these kind of things :)

  4. Nice Christmas atmosphere there in Singapore


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