Shalom from KL

It has been the fifth day of my trip in KL. Couldn't update my blog during this trip. (Cause too tired and drained out of ideas.....haha! XD) Anyway, here are some places I've been to and I'll be back on the 2nd of January. Comments are most welcome! :)

A few more hours to BIG DAY 2009! YeeeeHaaaa~



  1. Saw your having a nice trip at KL.i'm like the 'New york' one.Don't forget bring back to me thanks.

  2. improving alot ar ur shooting skill, well done!
    i oso wan to go kl..sob sob
    happy new year brother, may god bless you ^^

  3. Genting..! How was the weather there? Getting warmer?

    Anyway, happy new year 2009 ! ^^

  4. nice shots! love the KLCC pics! =)

  5. @raymond: haha... bring back? sure...if i can lar...

    @senghoo: go genting to enjoy

    @antz: thanks sis, happy new year to u too!

    @Cham: thanks!

    @Jason: it was foggy and cold there! happy new year to u too!

    @evelyn: thanks, a lot of ppl love it too...i would like to go back there and shoot again :)


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