vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party 2008

In this post, I'm going to show all of you my first Nuffnang event that I have joined last year on the 20th of December 2008 as I have missed the Sabahan Bloggers gathering back in Sabah on the last September which is an event co-sponsored by Nuffnang. So I hope you guys will prepare some kopi 'O' kaw kaw (thick coffee without milk) because this post is going to be super long filled with pictures. Here goes.....

Simple but nice banner :)

The atmosphere in the DXO that day.

A lot of M'sian & S'pore bloggers attended the party.....

The only Christmas tree there :)

The boss or co-founder of Singapore Nuffnang.

My team mates that night. Nath as 'Opposite OME' and Alvin as 'Paranoid'

The first game. Arrange the participants according to the V-POST alphabeth.

Some interview sessions.... I like the Sushi King Chef :)

This guy Alvin, was famous overnight with his funny character :)

This is the part that I was waiting for! THE FOOD! I need food for energy to shoot later :)

After makan, a few of them were caught in action on the dance floor....

The next game, cat walk I suppose....
And the models are......
The first model to go.....
The second one.....
The samurai didn't pose well but I think he can combat better with his sword :)
And the one who got the 1st prize for men's category.....

This 'girl' is so fantastic....way to go Typical BEN!
And now for the girls.....
This bride is the winner for the women's category. So who is the bridegroom?? hehe....Miss P-COCK!Some hot santarinas that night :D

My buddy blogger - Mr.Hp

Me & Miss Venus..... :)

The Malaysia's top blogger = Mr. KNNCCB! Lol!

Met a cool friend - JC in da house!

Peace ya'll from the Nuffnang team!

So that's all folks! Looking forward for more to come from the Nuffies~



  1. Clapz, I should get the ones with you signature. Should I trouble myself again??? LOL

  2. Nice party. A lot of hot girls there

  3. yo... still got time for guitar over there???

  4. @blue: haha... take it lar...

    @borneo falcon: yo bro! yeah lots of hot girls :)

    @clement: yes of course bro!


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