Welcome Suzuki and Bye Bye to Hyundai

HI HI HI....! Don't be confused! This is not a car post, I know Hyundai is a Korean car manufacture and Suzuki is a Japanese car manufacture but what I am really talking about here is my new Lappie a.k.a SUZUKI NOTEBOOK! My previous Hyundai M-Life laptop that has served me more than 3 years has been stolen a year ago. It was a sad thing but in my heart I know that God will reward me with something better but at that moment I really did cursed the guy who stole it but anyway I had forgiven him. Forget the past and look foward for the future!!!

Hahaha.... okay, let me do some specification introduction here. It's engineered by some local guy in a local factory in Singapore with 3 years local war
anty, it's heart is a Intel Dual Core 1.86GHz, the brain is 2gb DDR Ram with 160gb hardisk of the stomach capacity. The eye is a 1.3megapixel clear cam and a sleek design of DVD R/RW.... just feel glad with it's WiFi features to make me 'onlinedable' wherever I am near to an unsecured wireless connection :p

'The top plastic cover still haven't open yet leh....'

Okay I'll cut the crap and I'll tell you the price. It cost
S$699 or equaivalent RM1650 at SITEX IT FAIR last Sunday. Quite cheap for a notebook that filled with these kinds of spec but there was once I doubt about the after service that they will provide to me after I purchase it but then I realised that the service centre is actually not far from the place I stay. Can travel by MRT or even bus :) So I did a few rounds in the hall but I finally made a decision to buy it because the notebook that I targeted was about s$300 or RM700 more expensive than that Suzuki one so I cross my fingers and go for it! Hope it's not a bad choice for me as I am very low in budget for the moment. Anyway I am glad that I can snap more photos, do photo editing, online again and most of all is to update my blog.....

'I'm not into gaming anymore' :p

So to my dearest lappie... welcome to the family, now you can complete my BAGMAN! :) btw I got my Bagman backpack at $80 or RM190..... oH gosH! How to survive till end of the month!!

'I like the colour!'

......work harder and save more money lar brother.... geeezz.... :(

oh well.....



  1. waliao... somebody has been spending and enjoying good life...

  2. hehe.... nolar... it's just spending on necessary things mah. Have to pay so much for little enjoyment here :(


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