What's On the October Paper?

*This post is a tribute to MSJ Photography.....

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I did not adopt photography as a hobby since my childhood.

I did not have anyone in my family who uses a digital camera besides our museum valued Konica film camera that has been broken and repaired for several times.

I did not join any photography clubs in school.

But I did join Audio-Visual-Photography (AVF) Club during my college life.

I learnt many things about the Olympus prosumer camera functions & features with full interest from my club advisor.

I did not own a compact camera nor a DSLR at that time.

I did not have enough money to buy one.

I had the first released Sony Ericsson 1.3megapixel camera mobile phone.

I love the camera quality a lot.

My colleague cheated on me that he will pay the full amount for the phone when I sold it to him. (No more next time!)

So I did not have any gadgets to take pictures :(

I deeply wanted to get a digital camera but I did not have enough money to buy it.

So I work after graduated from my college.

Got enough money.....

and I bought my 1st DSLR - Nikon D60!

Love it until today!

Met Gerry, the chairman of MSJ Photography.

And I learned the true friendship that I gained in photography :)

Joined the Canon EOS seminar.

It was free for all and we had a lot of fun and good experiences.

In a few months, my face is everywhere (not really lar....)

I could not believe it.

It just happened.

October issue of Digital Camera Malaysia magazine.

Even the press did not want to let us go. Story from Daily Express newspaper.

My favourite KK magazine - BREEZE!


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  1. wah.. so famous now... can have your autograph?

  2. evelyn: sure... waiting for u to come to Singapore and I'll sign one for you :p


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