Why So Serious?

There was a man who has wondered upon himself, "What is the reality of life? Is there any good for me if there's someone in this world that noticed what I need in the downiest time of my life?" Is there an answer for his question? No one knows the answer. Nobody knows unless he has to figure it out by himself.

As I began to live in a strange land and became a stranger, there are many things yet to be discover, and too many for me to regret about. Many of us in this world, particularly were searching for entertainment and to review their real faces by doing what they like most and some of them who has difficulty in expressing it will rather look an easier route whereby most of them will just deal it by running away, sleep through it and some of them just didn't care so much that they wrote it on their blog and finally some of these 'companies' who don't really like what they blog about and decided to arrest them for some confidential reasons that all of us pretend not to know it. It is very important that we live in a good environment and mix with good companies and the things that we love to do. Somehow not many of us can really differentiate what is good or bad. Some might say that smoking can release their tensions and stress but some of them just look away when they see someone close to them who is smoking because they understood the meaning of health that can influence or somehow affect their humanly lifespan. It is not that simple, I have a friend that constantly meeting with those who suffered from illness that the community will not allow them to work for them or even to interact with. I'm not saying that they are wrong to do so but who makes the judgments of their life? A smoker might live longer enough than a healthy man who always spend his free time in a gym or run way but it doesn't prove that he may live longer than the one who puff daily? Who makes the order?

I was a little upset and disappointed when I first left Malaysia for a better employment in the land that I am currently staying. I had to leave my family members and good friends unknowing what fate will lead me. If it's as simple as ABC or 123 then why is people in this world is still starving especially those poor children with diseases in South Africa. Part of my morality told me that I should stay and take care of my parents but I hardly feel that God will just let me live my life as simple as that. Leaving my country was my dream but at the same time it was a tough decision and I just submit all into His hands knowing that He has a plan for me.

A wonderful lady quoted me this,"Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, as about your body, what you will wear. Is not life not important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow, or reap or store away in basins, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much valuable than they?"

There are just too many things of our concern but too little thing that we put our effort and time to care for. In the end, more people that we love will be neglected and the things that we were instructed will be unsettled. Life is not hopeless but it's the way we ourselves and each one of us give hope. Many years ago, a boy's father was an alcoholic and all he can do after his tiring work to spend his precious time and his hard earned money with his friends drinking and being drunk with his friends. Not concerning about his own wife and kids, went back home one day, fought with his wife and the kids were just crying on their beds pretending that they are sleeping. But God knows that man was the one that He loved. His family never gave up hope until today they are still praying hard for him. God is a miraculous God, early this year, the father finally turned to God and accepted Christ. It was amazing how God can work in a man's heart who had been so harden for ages! His testimony had really open some of his friend's eyes and they praised him that he was blessed with good family even though he had done so much on the negative side but God still return him with great reward and favor.

I have no idea such miraculous things can actually happen in real life. All I can say is, when there's hope, there are possibilities not to have a bad ending, when there's no hope, there's no chance at all. So much for today and why worry about tomorrow when there's so many things to give thanks for today. I had a great time sharing and I hope so do you who are reading this.

I Love You Dad, I Love You Mum.



  1. Nice quote.
    Nice post.
    Meaningful Post!
    Love this one!

    My tears are dropping once I finished read until "I love you Dad and I love you Mum"

    Hey.. Sabah gate open for you always. Come back whenever you want then!

    Now you make me miss you.. lol!
    Recall back to the time when we first met in the dinner! hahahahha
    *shake hands*

  2. Is my connection got problem or your page is too heavy to load? last night i was accessing your blog but it was so slow until i was fed up to wait for it. And im using celcom broadband at that time. maybe celcom a little slow. But just a few minutes ago i am using mu campus LAN connection and i don't think my connection is the problem. haha.

    Better check it out.

  3. Chloe: Yeah, our 1st meeting at the putra restaurant for the KK Harvest Dinner :)

    SengHoo: arigato gozaimasu!

    Bozaki: issit? i think its the blogger fault cause just now i was trying to load my page for a lot of time too but can't, i think they have fixed it now :)

  4. Great testimony dude... Really like the way you wrote your story. Bless you

  5. @Evelyn: That's gonna encourage me to write more and I'll spend more of my precious time on blogging and thanks to you. :p Just kidding! Anyway, really appreciate your comment!


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