Why women make-up for wedding photos?

Girl: I am too ugly for you, go away!
Boy: No, you are beautiful in every ways!
Girl: Boy, do you really meant what you have said?
Boy: Yes Girl, you know I love you!
Girl: Great! Then we can save the make-up fees for our wedding photos.
Boy: Errrr......... -.-''

Many have heard, to be beautiful we need to sacrifice our $$$.
So for the future husband or wife out there, please appreciate people like the make-up artist and wedding photographers for their hard work and efforts. Without them, you guys will never look so beautiful (not being a sarcastic okay? :p) that you can even hang it on the wall above your bed for lifetime! :)



  1. Great posting on the before and after brides!

    Just wanted to share this event with you..


    In association Time Out KL, we are proud to announce the inaugural launch of KL PHOTOAWARDS 2009 for contemporary portraiture, from 1 November 2008. Open to all international photographers, in 2 categories : Professional and Non-Professional, we invite you to submit up to 6 images. Top prize USD3,000 plus a commissioned trophy. This is an opportunity to challenge your peers to a portrait shootout!

    The judges are seeking a new interpretation of the much photographed genre of contemporary portraits. Deadline : 1 March 2009

    Visit : www.klphotoawards.com for entry rules and procedure.

    Steven Lee
    Awards Manager

  2. Girls are strange. When we said they look pretty, they never believe it. Wonder what is the right answer they are looking for

  3. woa....
    there are a big difference o with makeup n without makeup

  4. Steven Lee: Thanks for the info but the fees quite expensive leh...hhehe.. got discount ar? :p

    borneo falcon: i guessed u just have to prove it to them someday :)

    winnie: yalor but i think some girls are good without make ups :)


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