CNY Deco at Chinatown Singapore

A few weeks ago, my blogger friend, Hong Peng and I went to Chinatown to take a look at the Chinese New Year decoration that has been set up there. Actuall JC in da house was the one who asked the two of us out and ended up she cannot join us due to a uncertain problem. Anyway, back to the topic. We gather ourselve at Bugis at about 2.30pm before we continue our way to Chinatown by MRT and thanks to this trip that I realized the Sub Court and Ministry of Manpower is actually situated at Chinatown. So much for my sweat & blood money for taxi fares when I was trying to settle my work permit application. Thank God everything is done and I am offically an EMPLOYMENT PASS HOLDER! Yehaaaaaaaa!!!

Ok, stop the crap and here's the pictures :)

Gathering Point: Bugis Junction in.... Bugis lar...

The sugarcane-juicing-machine or whatever they call it.... XD

My blogger friend: Hong Peng
(Looked a bit horny that day....wonder what was he looking at? hehe....)

Pekan Cina
(Full of Chinaman and Chinawoman!)

The lions so cute!

The lady with special stone carving techniques. Impressed by her patients of doing it all day long.

All her arts are here... for sale!

She carved this as well... The Lord's Supper

So many candies! Yummy!

Cheers from Carlsberg!
(The drinks do not belong to us. Just happen to be on our table. LoL)

Wishing all of you a blessed Chinese New Year!



  1. Chinatown is really happening around this time of the year. Like the cow statues on the overhead bridge

    Happy Chinese New Year

  2. wahhh, I never been there, wahhh interesting XD well I've been to other parts of singapore though

  3. larr... the carlsberg joke sounds so-not-belong-to-you =P

    btw happy chinese new year henry!

  4. Sure boh? the bottles were just there... lol...

  5. wow...lot of fun there!!! so syokk.


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