KL Trip 2008 (Day 3)

This is the third day of my visit in KL. Still staying with my family and we spend some quality time at home cause we didn't have a car so we have to wait for our friend to come back and pick us up. So on that night we decided to go up to the Look Up Point for some western dinner.

KL View Western Food Restaurant is situated on the uphill of Ulu Langat/Kajang. It's a very breezy place and a very strategic location to overview the night view of KL city. It was pretty amazing to look at the building lights from that spot while having various of western food offered by the restaurant and some other type of cuisine by some other restaurant that can be found there. Just that if you wanted to try out the food there, I would advise you to get there earlier at least before 7pm in order to find a parking lot because that place has limited parking lots and overwhelming visitors who drove up to look at the night view. The parking valet there will charge you RM3 if you require their unprofessional help - they can't even find the cars that they parked for some of the customers there. Bad service!

When we first arrived at the Look Out Point, I was really amazed by the night view!!! Am I right???

Well, the food is fairly good but we really paid for the food higher than the normal price just to enjoy a better view there. After dinner we went up to the Look Up Point tower to snap more pictures.

My plate: Sizzling beef steak. They even throw in some free fries! :p

My sister's and her bf's plate: Special Lamb and Chicken Set. Yes they were sharing cause sharing is caring!

My sis... getting less chubby than early last year :p but still cute leh~

After 'makan', I joined the crowd there for 'tembak' session. I saw a lot of Canon user that night with 70-200 f2.8 L lens :)

Next is...... KLCC! The tallest building in KL! The ranking dropped from years to years... I still remember a few years ago, KLCC was ranked as the third or forth highest but now it is ranked as the 10th highest, easily defeated by the Taiwan & China's skyscrappers. Well, Chinese people are sure great aren't they? Especially in money making, copyrighting and piracy! :p

Some basic info about KLCC tower:
1. Build in 1998
2. 88 floors
3. 452m height
4, Architecture design by Cesar Pelli (heard that he's from Argentina)

We reached home after mid night. We really had a great time! :D



  1. Wow! Every shot of the point is fabulous! I also wanna go!!!

  2. Hi Henry.. I Like The Picture Night View of KL.
    Thank you for entertain me

  3. @mabel low: Thanks! Next time go KL must go! :)

    @artofreed: Did i entertain u? That's one kind of unique compliment i say :)

  4. WOW!! I love your KL pics especially the first one taken from Look Out point!! I never know KL can be so beautiful until I see your pics! I don't really like to go KL cos find it very polluted and things are more expensive.

    Now then I see the views from Look Out point. One blogger asked me to visit Look Out point when I was in Penang, and I was blur cos I thought where else in Penang got such a place haha!

    oh I am going Ipoh again this Sat.

  5. Thanks Eunice, it was my 1st time there too and i never imagine that KL city will be that nice from that point. Things are really expensive there but compare to China or HK, the polution level in KL is still ok :)

    Who knows I might bump into u when u r in Ipoh :)

  6. KL View Western Restaurant. marked. Must be there the next time I pay a visit to Kajang. lol. It's amazing how far you can see from the place, from kajang to KL city. damn it if it's in Trg, you'll see more trees and kampungs =.=


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