Tun Fuad Park Outing

Here are some photos taken last year during the outing with Elffoot and CK. Both of them were so keen to wake up early in the morning to go to the park not for exercise but to take pictures of the well-bloomed flowers there. Comments & Critics are most welcome! :)

Did something funny yet embarrassing but I'm a big fan of Sun Wukong (Journey to the West) !!

While Elf and I were busy with our DSLR, this guy CK was also busy with his SE K800i Cybershot. His pictures are not bad I tell you :)

I was trying to hide behind the Hibiscus but it was too small to cover my body and Elf took the chance to snap a picture of me... lol~

Hibiscus close up, you can see that the little ants are busy with their daily activities.

I wish that the bees were in sight on that day.

More shots of the hibiscus.

This unknown flower name may look pretty attractive to bees :)

Hibiscus again :) This time a different angle.

Shine shine shine~ I just love the flowers in the morning!

Canon EOS - Exhilaration Of Sight

That's all for today! Kundasang trip next!



  1. Hmm.. you wanna borrow some bees from my posts?? XD

  2. when's this??? y all ur pic at KK der??? And my blog u try again... u read instructions when go in to the page...

  3. Wow... nice shots henry...
    keep it up..

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