The Lunar Eclipse

They said last night was the biggest and 'roundest' moon, the last was about more than 50years ago and it falls on Chap Goh Mei. So I was a bit excited when I heard about it and forgetting the tiredness of work and course I attended before that, Melvin, Fui Yen and I went to shoot the moon at downstair of our place at 10.30pm... and here is the result.


Happy Belated Chap Goh Mei! :)



  1. lolz........... not fair!!!! Y ur sky got so beautiful punya fullmoon while mine's batang hidung of the moon pun tak nampak...... only tiny little raindrops paid it's visit je.... :(

  2. Reminds me of.. murtabak satu!

  3. wah bro...u manage to capture this picture...quite clear leh

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sure boo~
    or u download from internet..
    wakkaaaa~ nice job!!!!

  5. uits... btul ka tu ko yg amik pic tu aa.. haha.. hmm.. ko ni.. nda bawa2 aku bah.. ni yg mo majuk ni. kekekke XD anyway.. cantik la tu.. ko guna apa ni? kena ajar2 ni.. smlm time aku jln2 lawa plak pemandangan.. tp, nda bawa Camera lak.. sayang eh.. huHU~

  6. @boo: its fair ok... higher iso setting sure can take :) smaller aperture too..hehe~

    @el: wahh long time nv eat ady...

    @via/maslight/antz: ARIGATO!!!

    @mizzy: wahhh ko pun ndak caya ka sia yg amik? internet manada tu gambar wo... bah sentiasa bawa tu kamera, anytime anywhere ok? Peace

  7. woahhh.. amazing henry... haha... I was not able to saw it... hmm...


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