Domino's Pizza in the Office!

It was another day in my office...
Wanted to have something different for lunch...
We had enough of Indian Pizza a.k.a Roti Canai or Tosai at the mamak shop.
So we want something different... something European...
something like........

Domino's Pizza...

haha... XD

We ordered 2 boxes regular pizza... and it came within 20 minutes. So if your order have not arrived within 30 minutes, you can actually claim a pizza voucher from them! :D

The promotion leave-lets that valid until end of April, actually all their promotions are repeating every month but it gets better!

Normally we don't order this, because it's beef and it's pepperoni... I thought it would be good. 
Just average for me, but I like the sauce though! :D

Consist of shredded chicken, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and olives! This one is good!

My favorite is still this one, plain cheese (super chessy lor!) and tuna temptation.

All this for RM30... promotion price valid until end of April 2010 :)


Do let me know your favorite pizza specialty in my comment box ya!
(not my cbox of course!)
Do call to order now! You can even order online through their website.
For more info, visit: Domino's Pizza Malaysia