End of March Update

Just a quick update to tell all of you out there who wonder where Henry Lee or also know as the 'CLEVER MUNKEY' went. I was too busy running my project that suppose to be finishing by the end of March but we couldn't complete it and the completion date has extended to mid of April. Anyway, I didn't manage to blog about some of the things that happen early this year which is on the month of January and February. My good friend, Evelyn with her mum from Malaysia visited me and her brother in Singapore early March. Really miss talking and hanging out with her back in Sabah.

This month has been really crucial for me and for the next 2 weeks time as well. I have not been touching my DSLR for quite some time but I really do hope I will get back on track again with photography and sorry for not posting any photo in this blog post.

Just one last thing before I end that I want to thank God, I thank God for sending me to work in Singapore. A loving family who prayed hard and miss me so much. Friends who always concern about my life here and also God has made a way that I am no longer needed to work on Sunday.

Love you guys!

Chow! :)



  1. hopefuly u will gaodim your project really sooon and start snip snap! pictures wheeeee =D

  2. Thanks for ya support ning, the pictures part will not be a problem for me as long as I have my time to go out and snap! :)

  3. sob sob... touching tots... tall, dark ,hensum man :)

  4. my dear bro~
    no worry and no worry so much..God will way always make a perfect way for you..do continue to praise his name~

    wishing u all the best in ur job and hope to get new post from you soon..miss ya love~


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