Good Friday 2009

During the last Good Friday, it was a public holiday for Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak. Too bad for West Malaysia. Anyway, Melvin and Fui Yen hosted a Good Friday celebration at their place and invited all the cell members. We are encouraged to bring new friends for that particular

We had a big laugh before the ice breaker conducted by Wai Jin and Seok Kean.

Pay attention! Our host, Mr. Melvin Yap is sharing his testimony!

Next up! The princess, Cynthia's turn to share :)

After the sharing and group discussion, it's time for..... hehe!
Let's look at the menu of the day 1st :)

Here comes! Pizza pizza!

Don't forget to bless the food 1st....
Thomas had the privilege to say grace.
Eh why is everyone giggling ar? Hehehe....

Seok Kean accidently went into the centre of attention....


It's time for clean up.... Sigh~
Anyway, we really had a great time and get to know new friends, Esther, Madeline and Winson!
God bless!



  1. Envy at you guys gt such warm hearted celebration on Good Friday!! Glad that you are active in the cell grp!! May God bless you my dear and do cast all ur worriness to God all the time..Stay happie always k?

  2.'s nice to find fellow christians there at your place.
    and PIZZA's!!! my fave food. @_@

  3. wa happy lor! so much food to eat! hey next time can try Canadian pizza, I think it's nicer than Pizza hut, and cheaper?

  4. look at all those food you all gorged ravenously. haha.

  5. oh my gosh!!! my friend appeared in your photo!!!!!!!

  6. nice!!! glad u have great friends, brothers and sisters in Christ there with u as well. Keep us posted bro :)

  7. haha nice..
    nice food! =D

  8. @lisa: thanks for the encouragement, frankly speaking the guys were not so active compare to the girls... But im glad that i have more time to relax and do my own things now compare to the time in KK

    @chiui: ic u like pizza? what topping?

    @eunice: i think i've tasted canadian pizza... yeah its cheap, we ordered 6 and they gave us 2 pizzas for free and 3 bottle of drinks... :)

    @seng hoo: yeah i admit it!

    @boon ming: now i know that u know waijin..hehe!

    @elf: yeah man sure... u2 must post more updates ok? GBU

    @kenwooi: thanks bro!


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