Singapore HeritageFest 2009 Photography Competition!


Here's an upcoming photography competition.
Check out the details if u are interested!

Participants must send in photo entries that represent the uniqueness of the neighbourhood, and/or tell heartwarming stories of their neighbours and neighbourhood. This could include images of landscapes, cultural customs and practices, buildings, museums, food, people, and the sights, sounds and scenes from daily life. The list given here is only an example and is non-exhaustive.

Youth (25 and below)


First Prize: $1,000

First Prize: $2,000

Second Prize: $800

Second Prize: $1,000

Third Prize: $500

Third Prize: $800

Three Merit Awards: $250

Three Merit Awards: $500

Top 50 photos shortlisted: Certificate of Achievement
People's Choice Award:
Certificate of Achievement + Product Prizes

  • You can submit a maximum of 6 photographs in either colour or monochrome.
Each entry must be accompanied with a caption of not more than 100 words on what the photo represents to you. Entries must be submitted online via before 11.59pm on 1 June 2009.


  1. wish that I could join..unfortunately, i do not have a dslr cam~

  2. @chiui: maybe....need to be a PR or citizen to join.

    @lisa: u can have it in future! :)


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