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Last two Sundays, my church friends and I went to Changi Village for lunch after service in Expo. So we headed there with my ride (oh yeah will post up about how I got my ride in the next post, ok?). To cut short the story let me show all of you what I've ordered in Changi Village. Before that, in case you guys didn't know Changi Village is not situated near to the Changi International Airport but it's nearer to the Singapore Air Base and the word 'village' doesn't shows that the place is really looks like in a kampung.

This is Nasi Ayam Penyek! Looks delicious huh? Taste delicious too! :)

Well, one plate of Nasi Ayam Penyek cost SGD4 and I really admire the taste of the chilly. Spicy enough and that makes me feel like as if I was in Malaysia. Ok... don't talk so much about Malaysia now.



  1. Some Ayam Penyet are nice, some so so only. I like the restaurant at Lucky Plaza. Nice!! And yes, the chilli is damn hot!! WAh.. on thinking of the chilli, I salivate liao !

  2. awww~~ too bad that I cant take spicy food!! bt thx dear on posting a new post after long time u din update ur blog~ hehehehe..

  3. photographers always take pictures of yummy foods. im on a diet! haha.

  4. @eunice: yeah ayam penyet is nice depends on which shop u go to. The price is OK but somehow chinese food is still cheaper. Yeah thumbs up for the chilli!

    @Lisa: u can't eat spicy food? how come?

    @chiui: sorry lor... dont blame when ur diet program fails.. :p


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