Working and Car

Yesterday my work team and I went to a job site near Tanjung Katong. Before we start our work, my foreman and I had our lunch in 328 Katong Laksa. It was really good and I believe it was the one genuine Katong Laksa I've been searching for since I landed in Singapore last year November. Oh yeah! :D

Most of the residence in Seaview condo are typically rich! I mean they are FREAKING RICH!

You will know why after you see the pictures below:

Lamborghini, BMW and Ferrari? Anyone?

So in conclusion, I love my ride. Not that one in orange colour.... (well I was hoping so :p)

Anyway, I love my car and it is given by my company as I can travel far and near for work convenience and get to see so many sport, luxury and prestige cars on the street of Singapore and in the condo as well!


*Pictures taken with SE w910i with 2 Mgpxl Camera


  1. hello!!! U like Katong Laksa! There are many outlets around SG, but that 328 is the first Katong Laksa that I tried unknowingly. I was abit annoyed when they only gave me a spoon, then I realised others were only using spoon to eat the Laksa. haha. It's not my favourite dish though, cos I find it has too much coconut milk, unhealthy. :P

    Hey hey, are you always around Tanjong Katong? There are many nice food around. My favourite Old HongKong Cafe manned by Hongkonger is next to Katong Mall, no service/tax fee, open 24hrs. :D

    Try the famous fried Hokkien Mee at 396 East Coast Road.

    If you are around Kallang MRT, there is one famous big prawn mee coffee shop, only open till 3pm (I think). It's diagonally opposite Kallang MRT and opposite the depot. NICE!!

    Long list to go... lol share with me if you find nice food around that area too!

  2. dear bro~ if i were rich enuff, I m goin to buy Lamborgini too!! hahaha..since I my name starts with "L"..that's y i like Lamborgini the most among all of the sport cars!! u veli syok in spore lo~ can see lotsa leng leng car..

  3. wah.. si beh rich lor.. really.. especially Katong area... =.="

  4. waaaaaaaah!!! singaporean is so freakin rich!!!! how can i be like them ah? XD i am so in love wit BMW!!!!!!!!!

  5. @eunice: wow! thanks for ya long comment! love to read it! I think I didnt notice the location of Katong Mall until today... is the price in hongkong cafe affordable? im not a big fan of hokkien mee. Malaysia's hokkien mee is still the best. Wahh... until now i only managed to taste the food in 328, ate the economy rice today... not that good :(

    @lisa: waaaa... u gonna buy it after u get ur DSLR ok? haha!

    @boon: yalor... rich ass! lol~

    @amyC: oh amy u like bmw? which model?


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