Clevermunkey's 100th Post!


Guess who's back, not Slim Shady, it's Clevermunkey! Hehehe....

Well I have finally reached the 100th post for my blog

Thanks to all the support from my family and friends.

So sorry for not updating my blog compare to the time when I was still in Malaysia.

Promise you guys the next round will be featuring more stories accompany by more pictures from my photo-taking-machine. Hehehe...

Here I want to give thanks to....

1. the Malaysia's police force for capturing Mas Selamat, it was a shame that Singapore police force could not catch him and they are still trying to find out how did Mas Selamat managed to go across Malaysia around Febuary last year.

2. the people who supported my blog and never got fed up viewing my blog even though its not updated.

3. MSJ photography who have inspired me a lot last year and now I am stuck with an interest called, "PHOTOGRAPHY"

4. my family, Dad and Mum in Labuan, elder sis in Australia, and lil's sis in Penang.

5. friends who guide me well around Singapore and now I am getting more and more 'kiasu'.

6. my company, boss and colleagues. Never imagine that they will be so friendly, not even one will not help if I ask to. Very different from what I have imagined before coming down to Singapore.

7. and the most important..... to my GOD, for making everything happen!



  1. HENRYYY! Congrats on that 100th post!! :) I once reached that level when I was still on blogger. I didnt party much because that time I had no readers. (i didnt bloghop). haha. Well, I hope to read more updates from you as the days go by. :D God bless you! *hugs*

  2. Congrats on Your 100th post!!

    Hey, don't stereotype Singaporeans as kiasu lah.. Malaysians sama sama to me... or many "city people" are like that leh :P hehehe

  3. LOL ! your welcome your welcome xD
    whoa..100th post ar..
    Congratz ~ !
    cant wait for the 1000th ! xP

  4. oh ya, same as Chiui, I reached my 100th post when I just started blogging. I blogged all the way to 100 over posts, clearing my travel "backlogs". No visitors too, cos didn't market it, didn't blog hop, didn't submit to search engine. So no party for my blog too. You are smart!!!

  5. wahhh gratz gratz! i just checked mine, oni 32 hahaha, still long way from u. Keep blogging bro :)

  6. Very sorry for not visiting your
    site recently T.T
    i hv been busy with preparation for the exam T。T

  7. 100th post? So fast? Congrats bro! Yes, I will still come back to read your post even doe you have no time to update... like me too..haha

  8. congrats to u bro...keep it up !

  9. ui na...congrates o last reach 100th post .hehe ...wait to meet u soon in MALAYSIA !!haha

  10. Well done!

    Wish you have 1000000 more '100th post' .. =D

    p/s: can't wait for my 100th post too!

  11. My dear bro~~
    Do update more posts if ya free free k? looking forward to view more nice posts from u!! muaksss~~


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