Kluang Trip 2009 [Part 2]

This was the second day of our Kluang Trip. Indeed we were having difficulty to sleep at night with different kind of excuses such as, a lot of mosquitoes, too warm, not use to the bed and etc.... hehe... Anyway, it was my 1st time to Kluang and I was told not to miss the 'Station' when I was in Kluang.... So what's so special about the 'Station'? Let's check it out! :)

The 'Station' actually refers to this old Kluang Train Station which not too far from where we stay. We reached there at about 10am and the 1st thing which got into our mouth was not the taste of the coffee or bread but the sweetness of the mango. Mangga, mangga! Satu linggit, satu linggit.... (Don't think that's the price... :p)

For those who are interested to the station, here is their opening hours so make sure you won't get there but end up disappointed looking at the closed wooden door.

....and here is the menu and price list, affordable and simple menu I say. Couldn't get a better angle for the shot, was taken from our table.

Here is the famous toast bun, the 'kaya' was just nice.... not too sweet but very appetizing

This is what I had for my breakfast.... the coffee is A+ recommended by me! Brought a pack of coffee powder back to Singapore...

Ps. Victor, Ps. Kelly and cell members, trying to give their best smile even though everyone were very hungry at that time...ekekeke~

The overhead bridge of the railways.

Another B&W attempt at the railways.

and last... 'Ice Kacang!' We walked all the way under the sun to another shop after our lunch on our very 1st day. I hope that you guys will have a nice week and may your smile will be as sweet as this 'ice kacang'! Till then.....



  1. The legendary Kluang coffee. Heard a lot about that.

  2. whoa whoa whoa~~ nice nice eh!!! make me really wanna have fun there in the future..

    The station seems gt lot of hidden history wor..

  3. @borneo: wah u stay in kuching but ur ear can reach Kluang... salute!! :p

    @lisa: yeah its nice... the station is actually quite normal, just that my Black&White made it looks historic...

    @evelyn: yeah and ps victor is really a funny guy :)

  4. waaaaaaa nice black and white.. i want my picture like that.. look old skul one..ok? heeee

  5. The food attracted me the most. Hehe. *yum

  6. @mizzy: u want ur pic in black and white? no problem!

    @mabel: haha.. yeah the food is always the main attraction!


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