Kluang Trip 2009 [Part 3]

This is the last part for my Kluang Trip....
I will just go summarize the whole thing through my pictures with a few sentences.
We went to this La-La Land (Martkids) to have some kiddie fun... NOT! Just kidding! This building looks very colourful for a normal shop lots so I was tempted to take a shot and I'm glad that I did...

AiLang Hotel. A hotel based on the name of the owner's grandmother (if I'm not mistaken) the price for the rooms are affordable and it's very spacious. Will try it out on my next trip.

Beef Noodle.... Very nice but I prefer the soupy one at Tangkap Beef Noodle, too bad didn't bring along my camera at that time. I was attending church service before that.

Kon Lou Mee (or called Ko Lok Mee in some places), very nice and cheap... just RM2.50 (just around SGD1.10-Isn't that cheap?). Actually I supposed to post this picture out at Part 1 but I didn't. Lol....

Mr. & Mrs Smith... oppss... Wong I mean (Ps. Vic and Ps. Kelly), received a gift of appreciation from us.

We played Guesstures and Mafia the whole night until 1.30am.... Lol~
Then the very unexpected thing happen the next day....

We had our breakfast and went back home to pack up and this was what happened. We locked the house key and car key inside the car.

So we quickly called Ps.Vic for help and he called a locksmith to help us. He came to our place within half hour time and he had to climb over the gate as the padlock was locked.

It was my first time to witness how the locksmith opens the locked car. Everything happen in split seconds after he took his tools out of his toolbag.

In less than a minute, he managed to unlock the door. Cool!

It was a RM50 lesson. No wonder the locksmith can afford to buy this over RM100k Toyota Estima. Bravo!

Well, we have gained new experiences and learnt from our lesson, yet we came to Kluang with an united heart and we shall left Kluang with the same unity in our heart. Thank you Ps. Vic and Ps. Kel for your warm hospitality! We shall come and pay some visit again!

(P/S: I did not make the rabbit ear's sign on Cynthia's head.... it wasn't me! :p)



  1. Aiyo so scary so fast unlocked the car.. :S

    But what interest me is still the food!!! :D

    Still waiting for your pic ah.. :D

  2. haha.. yea.. glad that the locksmith is the locksmith and is not those people who steal cars.. lol

  3. hahaha...good experience hor? one will be wiser the next time.. like my case too in PJ on saturday.. posted in my blog..hope ah yat wont sue me!!

  4. I think that is Ko Lok Mee, a famous dish in Kuching. But look very different from your side

  5. @travelfolio: yalor, he's so pro! ok ok... will try to snap some photos for the LG contest

    @BM: He doesnt need to steal cars for living man...

    @reanaclaire: yeah indeed we got wiser :)

    @borneofalcon: yeah, i've tasted swak ko lok mee... very nice but in Singapore they sell it at a very high price $5/bowl

  6. HAHA. Something novelty for you perhaps.

  7. Wow.. Bad experience to have your keys locked up :S

  8. haha that guy look like he's part of Mythbusters. jk.
    cool pic! mr and mrs smith. haha i want one. except that i dont have the mr smith yet. LOOOL.
    take care, yo. :D

  9. Keep blogging. Make people understand the essence of blogging. haha.

  10. @senghoo: ya man... actually the thing is not that we hired a locksmith but i was told not to try to unlock the key with my experience

    @mabel: im used to it... lol~

    @chiui: i hope u'll find ur mr.smith someday

    @bozaki: cheers man! let the essence of blogging spread!

  11. haha the food! yummy!
    nice place also =)

  12. Ps Vic and Kelly still look great. Really like that Lala mart. :)

  13. wow!! what a great trip!! hehee..you guys really hav a good lesson ler..nez time no more careless careless..kakaka..

    glad to hear from you~ take good care ya!! muakkkk!! Missu~

  14. Woa, very nice pics..

    Though at least the locksmith is nearby, dont have to try unlock your own car heh

  15. @kenwooi: yeah, it was a really relaxing place to go to

    @evelyn: haha! yeah they were so funny :)

    @Lisa: yeah, lesson learnt :)

    @seizhin: thanks! but rm50 lesson.. very exp lor :(


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