Bad day on a Nice Weather

Yesterday, my car couldn't start. No battery flat indication at all and diesel was 3/4. I never did my own check ups on the car since I've got it during March until now. So I ended up late to work. Called the mechanic to come and he changed a new battery as the old one has already spoil. Anyway, while waiting for the mechanic to come. I realized the sky was very nice, filled with cotton clouds. So I didn't waste my chance to snap some shots with my camera phone. Yeah I know the quality is pretty bad compare to those pictures taken with a DSLR or a compact cameras, but I did some editing to get a HDR (high dynamic range) feel on the pictures. Well... this is my very first so called, HDR experimental with camera phone images. Lol... Well I wish you guys will have a nice day today and please don't end up being late to work like me.

The cotton cloud sky was so relaxing, almost fell asleep while waiting for the mechanic to come.. ho ho!

Signing off... chow!

Picture taken with Sony Ericsson W910i, 2 megapixel camera.



  1. Awww~~ what a pretty sky!! I like it!! yeah..wish u my dear bro a very joyous day with no hindrance or difficulty^^ God bless..

  2. *imagine cotton candies.

    You lie down on green grass and enjoy the scenery. While grabbing to the cloud and eat it like cotton candy.


  3. nice cloud pics! i like to see cloud pics

  4. yawning.... I can sleep under cool clouds

  5. Hmm... not bad for a picture taken from a camera phone. Didn't do one with your dSLR?

  6. @Lisa: thanks.. i had my joyous busy day :p

    @maslight: haha... good imagination there

    @via: really? i think clouds are unique

    @evelyn: me too but too bad it was not windy enough that day

    @mabel: i can't be bringing my DSLR around when i'm working, that's gonna be really funny and awkward... lol


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