Clubsnappers Outing (06.06.09)

Hi, just to upload some of the pictures I took last night with some of the Clubsnappers.
I really enjoyed taking photos with them. We went to Clarke Quay, Parliament Place and the field near Supreme Court. We laughed, shared and spent some good time with each other! Thanks guys for organizing this outing!

The Supreme Court

Framing the court (LOL)

The Colourful BoatThe Colourful Windows

UFO landed in Clarke Quay to grab a beer :p

The river of Clarke Quay



  1. bro~~ Nice shot leh!!!
    I love the lighting texture of the pics..glad to hear that u hav great moments with them~~

    Hmm..u made me wanna get my own dslar asap larrrrr~~ bt anyway, I gotta wait n wait til i gt my "card"!! muahahhaa..

  2. why your picture is so damn ncie beautiful. I can see you will have your own picture exhition in the future. let me in ar that day with full access, free drinks and food also. Hhahahaa.

  3. singapore? youre from singapore?

  4. at singapore nice if KL got such a beautiful scenery

  5. Bro, second picture got handshake spotted. But the 3rd picture really wide! Too bad my 28mm couldnt do so.

  6. @Lisa: thanks, it was a night shot and Singapore tend to have good night shooting location :) what card how?

    @bozaki: thanks mate, u will be the very 1st to be invited to my exhibition... :)

    @chiui: im not from Singapore but I am in Singapore :p lol

    @vialentino: KL also got nice scenery one leh... just have to look for it!

    @a@ron: my 18-70mm lens also not that wide ma. Yeah got handshake, will not forget to bring my tripod next time

    @senghoo: thanks ah seng seng :p

  7. I don't think my camera is capable of taking such amazing night shots. T,T
    Surely have to use the tripod...

  8. @mabel: use a tripod, slow shutter, smaller aperture will do the job


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