Funny Singapore Flyer

One day along the Ayer Rajah Expressway.....

Child: Mummy, mummy, why are they bringing down the Singapore Flyer?

Mum: No my child, they are not. It was a few months ago when the Singapore Flyer was stuck for about 6 hours when an incident caused the wheel to jam. More than 120 visitors were stuck in the various capsules for the entire duration. As a result, the Singapore Flyer has suspended operations until it is cleared for safety by authorities. (Sounded like a news reporter... lol!) But now everything is back to normal, and the Singapore Flyer is operating again.

Child: Then how come they are still bringing it down?

Mum: That's not possible my child!

Child: Look mummy, see? (Pointed out their side car window)

Mum: What the........... *please fill in the blank urself :p*

Have a great Sunday.



  1. Children can be annoying sometimes, haha! But, I find them cute anyways.. Happy Sunday!

  2. lol...
    Hey... remember james voon?
    from our youth...
    forgot to tell you few months ago...
    he started his own blog...
    he's doin photography too...

  3. @Ning: happy sunday!

    @mscandyblush: yes indeed they r cute... happy sunday!

    @clement: yeah man i knew about it. Thx

    @aaron: thanks man!

    @evelyn: bo pien... too bored while driving :p

  4. haha nice shot of the lorry + flyer ! :D

  5. @bozaki: lol

    @weijie: thanks bro...


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