The PC Show 2009 (Singapore)

It's time to spend our blood and sweat again. This round we gotta becareful of our friendly neighbour.... the SWINE FLU... I think I would be likely seeing some customers wearing the face mask and walking among the crowd or talking with the salesperson.



  1. I like going to shows like that just to check out the latest stuffs. Oh yeah Swine flu has taken its toll here in the Philippines too. Just be extra careful =)

  2. apa promotion ni... talk about the flu or fare. Flufare?

  3. yea.. that's the dangerous part!! too many people!!! :P

  4. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  5. Take good k bro~ u do wear the Mask too ya~ miss u here!! tata..

  6. Don worry. japan will release the vaccine for swine flu. No probem oledi. Got infected also won't die lor.

  7. @allysa: yeah, must be careful now... anyway u r in Phil? how come?

    @eve: yeah man flufare is coming to town!

    @boonming: yeah, most likely i think u wont join in the crowd if im not wrong :p

    @hapi: thanks!

    @lisa: ok ok i will! but wearing a mask? maybe not :p

    @bozaki: really so will they cure the sickness? so will the sickness heal? will they successful on the vaccine? will will will? i think all of us must start writing our WILL LETTER :P


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