Random Sunday

Today I stayed at home, didn't go anywhere, didn't attend Sunday Service. Quarantining myself from going out as I'm having flu and sore throat. Really irritating especially during my work yesterday. I think somehow I have overworked myself and this is the symptom of burned out. Anyway, I watched Transformer on Fridat night at SB cinema in Bugis Junction. The movie was great and I rated it as 4 out of 5 stars. Just one thing I dislike the most is the action, quite messy and sometimes you will be confused which one is Autobots and which one is Deceptiocons. Anyway, I've received some camera products recently, Nikon D70 and Nikon D80 are available for your grab (pictures can be view here). For details do email me at lee_vcp_zacke@hotmail.com

This is my version of ROBOTIC PIG in the next coming movie Transformer 3: The Fallen of Swine Flu

One more last thing to share before I end my post, a friend of a friend of mine was tested positive H1N1 disease, also known as the swine flu a few days ago and currently was quarantine in the hospital for treatment while a few of my friends who are close to her were quarantine as well but thank God they were tested negative. Do pray for the people who is suffering with that disease and pray for protections as the number is increasing day by day. Singapore itself has already reach 200+ cases in one month time started last month. The thing is I'm sick now and I feared that something will happen to me. Pray for me as well ya! Thanks!

Have a Happy Sunday



  1. aw henhen. get well soon! i hope it's not swine flu. btw, i heard that swine flu is not that scary. they say it's like sore eyes and dengue fever is even more scary.

  2. transformers i think okay only.. lol.. overrated i guess..

    lol the pig robot.. haha..

    get well soon ya! =)

  3. @chiui: thanks for ya concern... still recovering now

    @kenwooi: transformer is cool man... its the best u see... haha... that's why the 3rd movie: the fallen of the swine flu will be out... understand? lol.... yeah thanks ya...

  4. ahahaha...damn cute lah this robatic pig

  5. OMG~ so sorry to hear what has happened to one of ur friends...hope she is doing fine now n get well soon~

    bro, u oso take gd k of urself ya~ do drink more water n take enuff rest as well~~ dont make us worry o~~

    Wishing u all the best and get well sooon soon too!!

    miss + love,

  6. the pig so funny...

    Pray for God's proctection on you. Speedly recovery dear.

  7. yeah get well soon bro, keeping you in prayers. Nice Piggy transformey..

  8. @via: it suppose to be scary though :p

    @lisa: yeah, but she's ok now. Thanks for ur concern ya sister Lisa :D

    @eve: haha... the pig looks like u :p
    im recovering now, thanks to ur prayers!

    @elf: thanks man... if i was in KK, for sure im gonna watch transformer with u :D

  9. very nice pics..all you have
    thx for sharing :)


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