Facebook Compact Camera Photography Talk

This talk was organize by Samsung at Vivocity last month on a Sunday evening. It was open to those who became a member of Singapore Photographer club in Facebook. So I gave it a try since I am curious about who is this Willy Foo (the speaker for the talk).

I was very amazed with the preparation that they did for us and we just simply speak out our Facebook username in order for them to get a seat for us. Well, overall it was a good talk for beginners out there who doesn't have a lot of budget to get a DSLR, a compact camera can actually produce great images despite the limitation that you will face after you master the gadget in a year or two. So after the talk, we all went up to the children's playground at Vivocity. The place was packed with many children and they were so adorable. A very good spot for DSLR users where you can test the speed of your gear. So here are some shots taken by me with my Nikon Coolpix P60.... it's a point and shoot camera for your info.


The bench

No swimming


The wave

The emo boy

The playful sisters

The cheerful model!
(P/S: The guy at the back with the camera is Mr.Willy Foo :D)



  1. mr willy foo.. haha.. funny name..

    anyway, nice pics! always about photography.. i also dont own a dslr.. lol.. =P

  2. u mean can walk into the pond and play with the water?

    nice pics!

  3. wow wow wow~~
    u really pro with photo shooting wor..even with compact cam u oso can take nice nice pics!!
    I like the pic of the emo boy and the ang mo kid^^ hehe..they r superb adorable ler^^

  4. i think the emo boy got problem with u lah.. he doesn't seem to be fond of u taking his picture, lucky he didn't splash u with water..

  5. The cheerful kid looks kinda evil from this angle. Haha. No zoomed in pictures?

  6. @kenwooi: Haha... thanks... well i describe my blog as a photoblog pretty much

    @via: yalor... the pond very shallow one :D thx

    @jerome: thx! love those children... veli cute one

    @lisa: yeah... no need to buy DSLR liaw lar.. haha thx

    @elffoot: nolar... he's in a bad mood bah... then he curious cuz i shoot him with my big gun

    @mabel: evil.. lol... no zoom-zoom for this series lar.. not nice to combine with wide angle shots... :D


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