Cocoa Collagen Power Plus Product


This product is consist of:
1. Marine Collagen
2. Kacip Fatimah (Very popular in Malaysia just like Tongkat Ali)
3. Lobata
4. Non-dairy creamer (Good for those who have sensitive stomach towards dairy products)
5. Dextrose Monohydrate
6. Olligo Saccharide

We normally see testimonials by famous artist or stars on TV about this or that product, here I am proudly present to you some of the testimonials and feedback from my own family members and close friends.

My mother - After drinking the collagen product, she managed to sleep better at night. She has been going through of difficulty sleeping at night for years!

My both sisters, Debbie & Lena 'jie' - People who normally get stomachache when period come, they will feel better and no more pain

My aunties - It will firm their breast and works!

My both sisters - They got lesser and lesser acne and pimples problem!
It will also cure hair drop problem and for most of the ladies out there!

If you are always feeling weak and sleepy... you will be very awake and refreshed after drinking this product!

If you leg skins are cracking it will also be smoother!

Or if you are tired of diet and want to slim down your tummy in a healthy and yummy way?

Try Cocoa Collagen Power Plus NOW!!!

It is an approved health product and certified halal by Malaysia authorities.
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For 1 box (10packs inside):
M'sia - RM28 (west)
- RM35 (east)

Singapore - $15

For 3boxes (30packs inside):
M'sia - RM60 (west)
- RM70 (east)

Singapore - $30

*All prices are excluding courier fees
*This drink is strictly for women only..

For more info, please email me at lee_vcp_zacke@hotmail or you can call me at (+65) 83646947


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