Glamourous Couple Search 2009

I was at Bugis Junction 2 weeks ago when this event was held. So I take the opportunity to shoot with my back up body Canon 300D + lensbabies 2.0 as an experimental shooting in daylight. So these are some of the pictures that I've took with manual focus... I really respect photographers who uses manual focus on their camera 10-20 years ago. It was a challenge to me especially when it comes to action shots.

Enjoy! :)

MC for the day... Michelle Chia with his husband (one of the judge)

First couple

Doing the salsa dance performance


Second couple - Singing performance, the only song that the husband knows :)

Third couple - so young and sweet :)

The girl playing the key board while the guy singing and shaping the balloons at the same time!


The forth couple performed a magic show, interesting....

The last couple... fushion of sentimental singing into modern dancing!

Playing around with my lensbaby :)

*** This event is organized and sponsored by Meiji Amino Collagen ***



  1. wah....are they married couple? or just a competition only?

  2. never heard of such competition before.. but im sure its fun! and funny too.. haha.. =D


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