Selamat Hari Raya 2009!

*Cough cough cough* Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim's friends and family out there and those who are reading this post, you guys know who you are.

Well today is Hari Raya and I'm still lazying on my bed, still not fully recover yet since last week, this time it lasted me for more than a week.
This morning, as usual I went to Lakeside MRT for some business trip.. lol~
The client actually forgotten something and he asked me whether I'm a Starhub user or not.
So I said yes and he told me that as a Starhub user, I can actually enjoy free breakfast every Sunday in Mr. Bean which is located just right in front of the MRT control station. So I just give it a try even though it sounded to good to be true... well it won't hurt to try :p

So I went into Mr.Bean and I saw the Starhub promotion which is just a small cardboard inside the shop. Haha... I don't think many people noticed about that. Anyway to cut the story short... I got my FREE breakfast in Mr. Bean! Haha....

Here are some snap shots of my free breakfast...

It's good to start your Sunday morning with a healthy breakfast!! Especially free breakfast! Lol!

Oh I miss this hot soya milk drink....

This kaya pancake is so filling! Taste good and not too sweet! Love it!!! Nyumm!!!

Mr. Bean is a Singapore local brand, famous for its soya bean drinks... not the comedian Mr.Bean ah... hehe!

It lasted me until 4pm... didn't even have to take my lunch... well Happy Raya Day!!!


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