Lantern Festival Celebration at Bukit Batok (Part 1)

Hello hello... Happy mid autumn fest to all of you! This post might be a lil out-dated but I realized most of my post were usually out-dated like the free breakfast on every Sunday in Mr.Bean which the offer only for the month of September and a few photos that I posted which is a few months back... Anyway, I don't really mind... I don't earn money through blogging, it's something just like a hobby or I would say, a passion, just like my passion toward woman (oh that's so right), photography, cars and holidays! :p

Well, should I let my photos to do the talking? Perhaps I should write my photos captions in a creative and funny way (maybe next post lah~)... just like the one I read in the

This is an event organized by the community of Bukit Batok East and People's Association. Here goes!

The banner

The ticket counter

The lucky draw box.... well I wasn't lucky on that day though :p

Man: boy, boy, u teared the wrong ticket... that was your free popcorn and cotton candy...
Boy: opps....


Very simple and nice set up there.... good for kids education :)

The clown of the day? Doesn't look like one but her balloon making skills are good!

No worries... this event is very secure for your kids... :p confirm there will be no hi-jacker or kidnapper around....
(the policeman has a very confident smile)

The night is coming... empty chair will be filled when the sun is down! Oh yeah!

Well, that's all for today... more to come~

Captain Dazzle who had successfully entertained all of us in this event! :)


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  1. it's lantern festival my friend :)
    or also known as mooncake festival

  2. wow u are already immersed into our local community hehe

  3. eunice: yeah... but too bad i think get to spend more time with the community anymore..


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