4 Girls and 1 Birthday Boy at Swensen's Singapore!!!

Hey guys! Happy belated birthday to me!!! I am at SWENSEN!
Can you guess how old am I? :D

3 GIRLS and 1 BIRTHDAY BOY? I did mention it was 4 GIRLS... obviously she was late... :p

Here comes the food! Grille beef (Waijin's plate) RECOMMENDED!! $16.90 c/w coke and soup.

Seafood Lasagna with Spinach Sauce (When you hear it, you just wana try it) AVERAGE - Lasagna was cold, sauce too waterish and small portion only. $14.90/plate


Didn't manage to snap the rest of the food cause too hungry liaw... XD

I expected something like a real cake for this year but this one is special!

Firehouse Happy Birthday!
Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream smothered with strawberry, pineapple and chocolate fudge toppings, and set aflame to "top-off" this for birthday peeps...
(just show ur IC with ur birthdate on to them and they will let u have this for FREE!!)
Actual price: $12.90

A group photo before I blow the candle...

Another birthday sign... still can't guess my age? LOL

And this one is for CLEVERMUNKEY!!!

Crazy pose time! Wai Jin & Wei Zi

Crazy pose time: Cynthia & Pei Yiing


Thank you so much girls....
That was the 1st time I celebrated with awesome 4 girls from my cell group. LUCKIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! How fortunate I was! ^^
Enjoy the celebration a lot! Yeahh!!!

Have a good week, guys!

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  1. wuah happy birthday! etto, u're 1 years old kekekekek kidding.

  2. thaly: haha... yeah yummy food!

    maslight: ohh thanks... yes im older in age but younger in my heart! haha

  3. wow cute cake! haha! aww my bday is coming, too!
    so they're from yer cell group? wow sweet :)
    belated happy bday henhen! youre getting old! :p hahaha

  4. happy belated birthday..
    err.. are you 23... or 32??? =D


  5. hey bro....happy belated bday to u .... wah...u r a lucky fella to celebrate with 4 girls!

  6. chiui: yes they are from my cell group, sweet indeed! yeah im getting older now... what about u? how old will u be celebrating ur birthday this year?

    kenwooi: thanks!! what do u think? will u believe me if i say 32? haha

    via: thanks man! lucky as always, but i don't mind if it was 4 guys or girls... they are still my buddies!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday dude :p

  8. Walao... celebrating bday with 4hot girls! Shock lah this munkey. XD

  9. mabel: haha... syok and shock at the same time cause i was expecting a few guys and girls coming... :p

    uLi: thanks babe!

  10. yo yo Happy belated birthday... hey I think I've said that a few times liao hehe

    wa I think hor, this post is out there to make other guys jealous!!! 4 babes celebrating your birthday! LOL!!!

  11. eunice: thanks again... said this many times too :)

    i won't make them jealous because this is nothing compare to those who celebrated with a bunch of good friends :D


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