Berjaya Hills Colmar Tropicale

Last month, I went to KL for my cousin's wedding and I took the opportunity to visit Malaysia's tourism spot around. So me and my friend, Evelyn (who I met through blogging, do visit her blog to look at her awesome homemade cards!) brought me to Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills which was also known as the French Village. The exact location of the place is in Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang. If you are driving, it will take 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur or 6 hours journey from Singapore. Daily shutter service is provided as well for those who are not driving from Berjaya Times Square, in Kuala Lumpur... any similarity? Yeah, Berjaya Hills Resort and Berjaya Times Square owned by the same company/owner.

Below is the screen shot from Google map of the location of Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills.

To enter into Colmar Tropicale, you will have to pay RM10 for the visitor's ticket at the main entrance gate. For those who stayed in the resorts or hotels will be an exceptional. Well, it's still cheap for a local to pay such amount, right?

I was so amazed by the architecture and the design of the structures... looks so historical and classy especially the castle and the bridge... feels like a DRAGON SLAYER!! LOL :)

The ballroom hall (free Wi-Fi access here!) The ceiling imported from Vatican City? Hehe...

If you are wondering what kind of facilities or entertainment that can be found in French Village. Let me list it down for you one by one here. It has rooms and suites for visitors who want to stay over, around 8 different 'makan' place, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, ballrooms for conference and wedding (free wi-fi too!), golf course and paintball tag for paintball freaks out there! Oh and not to forget there's an arcade center for kids and teenage to release their boredom... LOL~ Do check out their room and suite rates on their website by clicking the top most banner of the post.

It's black or white? Oh yeah yeah yeah~ Awww... (Sounds like who ar? hehe...)

Love the architecture! Feels like I was in oversea for that particular moment... :)

In Japanese Village, there's a Japanese Tea House, Ryo Zan Tei Restaurant, Ume Tatami Suite, Botanical Garden (didn't get to visit it because it was getting dark already), bird watching, kimono rental for the tea ceremony, a Japanese souvenir shop and the award winning Tatami Spa... not sure how it looks like but it sounds like fun!

The fish eat until so fat hor...

There are other attractions around the area as well such as the BENTONG HOT SPRING which is just 30 minutes drive from the resort, the dissolved minerals in the waters of this hot spring, which are volcanic in origin, are said to be therapeutic for the entire body. It reminds me of the Ranau hot spring in Sabah...

More shots around the village... the bell is just next to a cafe... cool~

I personally think that this is a cool place to visit, you will really have the feeling being in overseas. I love the chilling weather there... awesome, and that makes me wanted to bring friends to visit and take a look while I can see the excitement on their faces. Haha...

'Terima kasih' (thank you in Malay language) to my tour guide of the day! wink*wink*

Wachhaaa.... a jumping punch combo remix from the Master Henry Lee! Hahaha!

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars....
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  1. Nice place...I been there in few years back :)

  2. hey....i like this place for a day trpip actually...not too cold and not too hot...just their japanese garden there...

  3. i miss this place actually...very nice cooling place indeed

  4. I been planning to come here for a long time but never materialize

  5. wow!i never knew this such place actually exist in bentong.hihi

  6. went there once too, but i'd doubt i wanna go there for a second time, as there really isn't an awful lot to walk around, lol. can finish walking in 30mins minus the camwhoring xD

    but yeah, it is a beautiful place, especially the japanese village :D

  7. @uLI: oh u been there too, nice place leh :)

    @mybbshop: yalor, i wish the whole malaysia will experience that weather through out the year...

    @via: u been before too? cool, maybe gonna do some video recording there :)

    @borneofalcon: There's still time to go there, unless they went bankrupt.. CHOI!

    @Aidi-Safuan: yes, nice place in Bentong :)

    @Janice: faster GO-GO-GO!

    @Conan: same here but if there's a friend who never been there, would like to take him/her for a visit :)

  8. wauuu... hey, very nice place la ... 0_0 thanks for the info... ill go there one day... hehehe

  9. Nice coverage on Colamr. I did one about 4 months ago in my blog. I love the place but they really need to buck up on MANY areas if they want to continue to have quality customers instead of day-trippers.

    Malaysia Asia

  10. wah!!! banyak cantik o!!! i wish I could be there some day too!!! envy at u la dslr to take nice nice pic!! I wish to get 1 too!!!!

  11. Superb architecture! Or are they unreal?? XD
    I've never been there before though.

  12. Nicholas: sure, u must visit there :)

    David Jr: Thanks for the comment, u are right that they should buck up more and more important is to cut down the rates, too expensive and no one will even thinking to stay there

    Lisa: go buy with ur NN cheque :p

    Mabel: It's real, this is not ripley's believe it or not? haha >..<

  13. Wheeeee! Damn nice lar the photos u took. =)

  14. nanti la.. ada rezki mo g sini la.. hehehe :p

  15. haha.. i came i saw i conquered ... byebye!! and i clicked too!! :P

  16. aiyo.. i always wanna go there..
    but duno when only can get to go.. lol.. =P

  17. @Lusi, joshua: Thanks!

    @mizzy: bah boleh jak klu ko, jgn lupa bawa D50 tu :)

    @boonming: haha... very suitable quote~ thanks ya!

    @kenwooi: if u wana go sure can go one.. haha


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