Christmas Decoration in Singapore (Mid November)

Last week I went for a night outing with Hong Peng and Cynthia for a quick dinner at Bugis Junction. We had fried rice in Uncle's Kitchen... the food is nice there, the price is OK but I wish that could enlarge the size of the chicken that they served... it tastes great but too small ler... :(

Da' Menu
Hong Peng and I had the Uncle's Fried Chicken ($5.90)
Recommended by Hong Peng
Great taste, moderate price but less in portion.

After the dinner, Cynthia left early and left me with Hong Peng. We decided to do a Christmas tree hunting around the city... So we started off at Bugis Junction itself and so the hunting began!

The unfinished Bugis Junction Christmas tree
Last year's theme was actually nicer compare to this year, anyone still remember what was the theme? :)

Next stop....

Raffles City
The view of outside Raffles City and the roads to be more accurate...

Probably the same height if compare to last year's tree...

Some surrounding shots... twinkle, twinkle, big big stars :p

Another one, I like the shinny gold rounded shape thingy :)

After that, we walk all the way to Suntec City

We found not 1 but 2 Christmas trees in Suntec City...

Da' 1st one...
The pattern looks quite similar like the Konoha Hidden Village symbol from Naruto. Haha...

Me trying to snap a reflective shot with Hong Peng :)

Da' 2nd one... Classic design but it still managed to attract a lot of people to snap photos of this tree...

Some Christmas decorations inside the mall... nice... :)

Christmas is near, have you started decorating your house with Christmas ambiance?
If you have blogged about Christmas decorations in your area for this year, do drop by your link in my comment box! :)

BTW, that was only a warming up post for Singapore's Christmas Decoration, wait for more photos end of this year! Till then....



  1. I hope I can be there to see it with my own eyes

  2. your life so interesting la. mine only with books and diseases.

  3. eh eh~ bro..u forgt bring ur babe DSLR along ar?? or u lazy lazy to bring wor?

    wah..their deco really nice lo~~ haiz..our country here doesnt has such deco lousy hor..

    i wish i gt the chance to gai gai to spore and take many many pics on the xmas deco ler..

    btw..thanks for sharing o~~

  4. i miss singapore xmas decos...esp the street lights...amazing ler!

  5. WoW!!! for Singapore... now ready for Christmas
    Gorgeous Christmas decors.

  6. Those Xmas tree look familiar lol^^

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