Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on Friday, which superstition holds to be a day of good or bad luck. In the Gregorian calendar, this day occurs at least once, but at most three times a year. Any month's 13th day will fall on a Friday if the month starts on a Sunday. In 2009 this applies to the months of February, March, and November. The next instance of this appears on the calendar for the year 2015.

Trailer of the original Friday the 13th back in the 1980's

My past Friday the 13th was a very confusing yet fearing event for me...
I was actually being disturbed while I was sleeping at 2.30am. That was a few years back and it happened in Labuan... a small island with population of not more than 80,000 human which is still alive, and those who are dead... countless! If you do a research on Labuan, it was actually a place where the Japanese actually cut the head or shoot to death for those who did not obey them during the conquest and there's actually lots of people who have died during the World War II until the surrender of Japanese in 1945.

Anyway, back to my story... I was disturbed while I was sleeping at 2.30am. Before I close my eyes, I look at my alarm clock that it was 2.30am and I can hear the sound of my dad still watching TV at the living room. So I close my eyes to welcome the morning light for the coming hours but It didn't happen as I expected it would be. Something or someone was touching my chin lightly... so I opened my eyes and I saw a black human figure right in front of me... and I couldn't speak or move my body against it. My heart was pumping greatly at that time.. so I closed my eyes hardly and prayed The Lord's Prayer in my heart for half minute, and suddenly I felt my body fought against the force at that flick of time... and the black figure was gone but I was so relief and I saw my alarm clock indicating 3am... my dad was asleep at that time. So I stop thinking too much and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I can still see the images of what have happened last night during my sleep. Was that a ghost or a spirit? Or just me being tired or too stressed according to a friend of mine, and in a scientific explanation.. my blood actually didn't reach enough to my brain. Whatever! But it was a horror to me... it's like if you are a girl or a lady, suddenly there's a stranger leaning against you on the bed as if he was trying to rape you or something like that. That was my Friday the 13th experience. What about you?

Question: Have you ever encounter any horror events in your life?

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  1. Choi Choi...the answer is no. To me, as long as you don't do bad thing ar, everyday also a good day ;)

  2. It's so scary...
    I've ever experienced almost the same thing, I didn't see anything, but I heard the heavy breath near my ears...

  3. I really loved watching Ghostbusters when i was little. It airs on Saturday mornings, i remember and i would catch it everytime. The problem is, i fear it at the same time. Because whenever i sleep (alone lah - and i was only in primary school), i'd see vague formations of colourful ghosts against the dark walls of my room. I know, it's just my imagination but that was the thing that made me wail for my parents each time. XD

  4. @uLi: haha... yeah, hope for good things to happen everyday~

    @borneoFalcon: it's ok :)

    @lina: ohh u did experience about the same thing too? hope to read about ur experience :)

    @mabel: thanks for sharing, but i supposed Ghostbusters are more to comedy than a horror movie if i watch it now cause their visual effect is not as good as present :)

  5. yo bro....i am back from krabi...thanks for ur support and visit to my site.

    i came back from krabi on friday the 13th....luckily nothing bad happened ler...

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