Monday Blues (Vol.1)

It's Monday morning... waking up
Just another normal day
Where I'm preparing myself to work
and once
I'm here, expressing my Monday blues
So please forgive me
My apology for u and me....

My partner and I went to Batu Berjuntai to fetch her sister from UNISEL
So on the way back we saw this....
An educational banner
but doesn't look like one...
Maybe it's not the institution faults
Perhaps it's the mistake of the designers
but, people in the institution didn't even bother to scan through it for mistakes
and if I have a child, I will never send him/her to this place
And what about u? Will u send them to this institution for education?

Next, I thought Windows Se7en has been released a month back... but why? Why our local system has not been updated with that OS and yet still using something that has been developed many years back... but I guessed at least they weren't that stupid to use Windows Vista. LOL~

And this is what I'm craving now... had my breakfast before off to work. But I guessed I have a big stomach even though my size doesn't show the real fact... haha...

That's all for now...

P/S: Oh btw, I will be uploading photos from my mobile more often since I wana keep my DSLR shutter count just for my work instead of blogging... anyone wanna sponsor me a good digicam? haha



  1. aiyoyo...that banner really...No QA la...haha!

  2. your picture and becoming more and more beautiful. Nice la to have that camera.

  3. gallivanter: lol XD

    uLi: yeah... what a shame... no QA, and the funny thing is that's an education banner

    bozaki: my pictures? it's taken with my iphone 2mgpxl only bro... im trying not to use my DSLR so frequent, only use it for my work :)


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