Moving to KL

Last week, I finally moved all my things from Singapore all the way to KL. I actually been doing this for 3 times and guessed what? All by bus.... every bus ride SG-KL takes about 5-6 hours. So total for all the travel time is 36 hours which equivalent to 1 and a half day. That doesn't include my one last trip to Singapore to celebrate baby Ethan's full month celebration at Aloha Loyang, Pasir Ris (will blog about it soon!) That means I have entered back to Singapore 4 times just for the month of November! GOSH! And I'm officially broke~ LOL

This is the bus I took from SG direct to KL. (SGD28)

Anyway, what I wanted to highlight on this blog post is not about the money and time that I wasted to move all my things to KL but it's about the expensive and not worth to try food in a food center in Yong Peng.

A few days before, when I went back to KL with Evelyn. I tried their beef burger and waffles. They both taste normal, something lower than average I should say... but the price... WALLLAAAOO... RM3.60 for the waffle alone and RM4.20 just for a normal beef burger. I did asked the seller how much for an extra egg with cheese on, and this is what she said.... "RM6.50 for everything in it!"


I think I can be $RICH$ just from selling burgers in a short time!


And that's not all, the recent one I bought chicken rice from a stall and it cost me RM6.00 for just a plate of normal chicken rice with no soup. The rice... not enough water, hard... and the chicken, soggy and hard! As if I was eating rubber chicken... OMG! So basically, this is a blog post just to inform everyone of u who are taking bus from Singapore directly to KL and stop by at this Yong Peng food centre... PLEASE! BUT PLEASE! DO NOT BUY FOOD FROM THEM! They taste terrible and suck lots of money from the customer. Buy your own meal or food before the bus ride, worse come to worse... wait until u reach KL then u can order as much as u want!

That's all folks!



  1. OMGoat! Why don't just rent a car or get help from fren to move your stuff? Wuah by bus, GG oh. @_@""

  2. muahahahh~~ bro, i jz realised why you return to Spore for several times ler..hahha..u veli geng leh..

    btw, i hav been to the Yong Peng's food canter too~ n the food is oso so so to me nia~

  3. ah this Yong Peng food centre, I know that. We can't expect much from them lah. Anyway, maybe I tasted their Ramly burger before LOL. When I took night bus to Malaysia, I would sleep through the night and try not to eat supper.

    Er... you moving to KL? U no longer work in SG? Salute to you for moving your stuff all the way from SG to MY by bus!!!

  4. Things are getting expensive le...

  5. mas: i don't know how to drive up to KL and I will have problem sorting out my way at the checkpoint...

    lisa: haha.. it's good u said so so nia.. if me i'll say puiii....

    eunice: oh u went there too? yeah i ate their expensive Ramly burger... nothing special about it... i rather starve through out the ride

    uLi: yalor, especially KL and JB :(


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