My Cousin Ken Lee & Jacky Wedding 2009

Recently I went to KL to participate in my cousin's wedding from my dad's side of the family. It has been more than 15 years since the last time I saw all the relatives gather together when I attended my other cousin's wedding back in 1994. And this time I was given an opportunity to be the official photographer for this very significant event.

The wedding poster, it was held at Tai Thong PJ Restaurant (SS2/PJ) very near to all my other relatives place.

Good friends of the groom.

As a groom, busy welcoming all the guest who came to the wedding dinner.

Here comes the new couple! I can see that both of them are very happy at this moment, especially the groom, but he looks calm as always... :)

They changed into traditional Chinese costume, the groom looks like a pure Chinese Kungfu master. LOL

The cake cutting ceremony... say cheese!

Pouring of the champagne. Both look so happy together :)

The whole family of groom and bridegroom cheers to all the guest who came! Yummmm-seng!

Yum-seng session! Yehaaaa.....!! My cousin showed so much passion when doing it :D

The end of the dinner, the host thanks all the guest who came... btw, where's the groom? Oh... he just need a break from all the yum-seng sessions....


That's all for now...
Look out for more update from Clevermunkey ya?
French Village will be next!
Till then.... YUMMMMMMMM-SENG!


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  1. cool pics and wedding! i'd love to wear something like that, but not on my wedding day. i prefer wearing the white gownzz. haha

  2. Jayce: Cheersss....

    Mabel: Haha.. happening as always!

    Chiui: Well, u might look good in the Chinese traditional costume too :D

  3. Very nice :) All the very best :)


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