Old Town White Coffee

This is just a random post as I am trying my best to be able to update my blog post daily....
I am seriously not a big fan of Starbucks or Coffee Bean, or even Secret Recipe itself for the coffee... Well they do taste good but because of some reasons that I am not able to share it with you guys here...

So this is just another night meeting discussion with my work partner.... at our usual location, Old Town White Coffee, Kepong branch.

Simple Chinese wall decoration...

Hot white coffee... my favourite!

I ordered this... Yummy....

This one not bad as well... taste just like garlic bread but better!

I so in love with the flexibility of my new job... even so, I still need to wake up early to go to work and come back only before dinner time then off again to work after dinner and bath...

I realized that working together with a partner, team work played a very important role in my new job is really important and most of all is self disciplined :)

That's all for today...




  1. haha i like the garlic bread!! and the roti bakar!! omg so long d never go there..must go soon! haha..have u tried the icecream w toast? yummy aso! ^^

  2. Old Town also not bad...love their white coffee :)

  3. wow, old school toast and coffee...

  4. yes Old town! but i love George Town more. Should try that out. :p

  5. AEZ: i think the icecream w toast must be really nice ya, but i think i can make it myself.. LOL

    ULi: yeah nice aroma :)

    Kelvin: haha.. old skul...

    Eve: where is george town?

    Thaly: yeah.. yummy!


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