Avatar Movie I Like!

I know that some of you must have heard about this movie or even you have watched it on the 16th midnight or 17th even though the official release date supposed to be on th 18th. Anyway, it was a very good movie. What I like most in the movie was the continuous CGI effects!!! So cool!! This makes me felt even more regret watching the overated 2012. Superlong and superboring movie of the year!!! For those who are still wondering what is this movie about... you guys can take a look at the official Avatar movie trailer below! I really admirer the colour of the graphics in the movie, for instance the path where they walk on will glow and the plants that glow... Let me know what do you think about the movie and what do you like most yeah?

Avatar movie trailer [HD]

I arrived at Terminal 2 International Airport at 8pm on the 17th Dec 2009. My old classmate, Dan, was kind enough to fetch me from the airport and meet up with a few more friends and we had a good seafood dinner at Salut Seafood Restaurant in Tuaran.

We decided to go for a movie in GSC, 1Borneo after dinner and the show started at 12.05am. A midnight show and it ended before 3am. I can feel the wateriness of my eyes after the show and the funny thing is, my friend, Dan, actually lost his parking ticket somewhere inside the cinema. So we went back to the cinema after searching for it in his vehicle. Then we spent about 15minutes searching inside the cinema around our seats but we couldn't find it. So we try our luck looking through the places that we went and fortunately the cinema cleaner actually calling us from far to tell us that he found the parking ticket! We asked him, where did he actually found the ticket and he could only said it was his friend who found it. So we left 1Borneo without needing to pay the penalty fee of RM25.00 for losing the ticket.

So for those who have not watched the movie... please bring your girlfriend, family or friends to watch with you. The more the merrier. Do send my regards to the Na'vi clan for me ya! Haha



  1. "I really admirer the colour of the graphics in the movie, for instance the path where they walk on will glow and the plants that glow... "

    I agree with that so much! I just watched it this noon and it is simply superb!

    At first i thought, ahh it's just gonna be a good film. But didn't know it would be as good as BAM!

    Seriously! Very captivating! ;D A must watch!!!!

  2. Really so nice ar? Hmmm...must go watch it dy....

  3. Hehe, i watched it on the 16th. And the official date is 17th la not 18.
    Btw, awesome movie right? :D

  4. Avatar reminds me of the smurfs..in southpark LOL

  5. hehee... excited oo tgk.. biarpun 3 jam.. sanggup.. nda pa la kami mo bgn awal n jalan jauh pagi tu.. puas hati juga tgk.. hehehe :D + dapat hangout kan dgn BFF :)

  6. i've watched avatar twice and planning to gor for the third... haha..

  7. mabel: yup... well said. The CGI is so real!

    uLi: nice lar.. watch ady?

    Elaine: i read from the news it's 18th and only NN premier put it on the 17th

    Maslight: u mean the blueness of smurf like the one in avatar? haha

    Mizzy: ya betul! 3 jam beb...

    NLE: Merry xmas and happy new year!

    Bozaki: wahhh... if watch so many times will be a little too bored for me... unless if it's in 3D :)

  8. I want to watch it in Penang! I heard many good reviews about this movie... also movie ticket is cheaper in Malaysia kekeke

  9. OMG! Avatar is a my favorite movie. I love this movie a lot. After watching the movie, Avatar, I must say, it rocks! This is the best movie you can ever watch. I simply adore it and wish that the creator of the movie made many more movies of this sort.


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