Baby Ethan's Full Month!

Last month, it was baby Ethan's full months celebration on the 22nd of November 2009. It was actually on the 11th of November 2009, a month after our both birthdays... 11th October 2009! Yeah, as I mentioned before, we had the same birth date only diff year... yeah!

Anyway, I was very excited to travel back to Singapore from KL which took about 4 and a half hour journey from Puduraya station to Larkin station in JB then I took another bus from Larkin station to JB checkpoint... overall it takes me about 5 hour plus to reach Singapore and ends at Kranji mrt station.

From Kranji mrt station, I took mrt all the way to Bartley mrt station (which is on the Circle Line) and then I took a cab that cost me $6.00 to Kembangan mrt station. I took the mrt and stopped at Pasir Ris mrt station and another cab to Aloha Loyang that cost $4.00. Actually I can take a cab all the way to Aloha Loyang from Kranji but that might cost me about $20.00++ but it saves a lot of time though.

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The Circle Line ends at Bartley after Serangoon (yellow line). How I wish that the whole Circle Line is completed so I can travel all the from Kranji to Pasir Ris or Changi Airport in a shorter time.

Finally I reached Aloha Loyang around 7pm... It could be earlier but something happened in between the gap but it's okay because I'm glad to see baby Ethan and his family again.

The place

Baby Ethan's Scrapbook made by Ivy and Cynthia

Baby Ethan looking at the cute cute balloons

The parents, God father and God mother :)

The gang. From left: Timothy, Sunny, Yoong Yit, Ivy, Niran and Julia Chin :)

Another gang photos. From left: Ivy (blinked! LOL), Yoong Yit, Melvin the dad, Fuiyen the mum, Lina and Timothy

Baby Ethan... always be the center of attention :)

This was the best of all the food there! Durian cake! Now I can stop craving for durian at least a month or more :p THANKS MELVIN-FUI YEN!

The handsome boy. Baby Ethan! I will visit u in Singapore again whenever I drop by..
Must always listen to papa and mama o...
Take care!



  1. After going through this post, I was distracted by the durian cake. Looks delicious ni. *drooling.

  2. hello henry! hey y dun u take a flight from KL? nowadays the ticket is like the coach price. but then, I understand that the KL airport is very far from the city so you don't take the KL flight is it?

    take care!

  3. henhen! <3 cute baby!! i so like babies. hehe.
    durian cake? ive tasted durian candy and i liked it. i wonder how that tastes like. :)

  4. Aww, damn cute Baby Ethan. So small also so famous already. Haha :)

  5. wahhhaa.. so cute that baby.. send my regards ya...


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